Vegetable garden design layout

Planning Your Vegetable Garden

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, try and answer the following questions before starting.
  • Who will be doing the gardening work?
  • Will this garden be your own or maybe a family affair?

If you answered yes on the garden being your own, then it would be best to keep the it small. This way you will be able to do any gardening tasks in a single day. Such as soil preparation, planting seeds, transplanting vegetable plants and end of the growing season cleanup.

How big would this garden be? 25 by 50 feet is an ideal size for an experienced gardener and about half that size if you’re a beginner. Plan on working about 2 hours per week for maintenance, this does not include planting or harvesting the crops. If your garden is too big, weeding and cultivation may feel like it’s becoming a chore. You want to get pleasure out of your garden.

All gardeners are brought together by their shared joys and unique experiences. Most people will get some good exercise, outdoor activity and the fresh food grown by yourself. Working outside in your garden can be a real stress remover. You get to relax, and even get a glimpse of wildlife up close while working in your garden. It’s these pleasures that you experience that never grow old.

Pick a spot for your garden that’s close to your house to make it easily accessible. A source of water should also be nearby. To get the highest yield from your garden, make sure the area is level, the soil is loose and drains adequately. Another aspect your garden needs is sunlight. Six hours minimum, but 8 to 10 hours would be ideal.

Southern facing gardens will be warmer and won’t be affected as much by damaging frost. Avoid planting your vegetables close to the house, trees or shrubs. These objects could possibly block the sunlight from reaching the plants. It’s also best if your rotate your crops every 2 to 3 years so as not to grow them in the same area.

Use paper, when planning your vegetable garden, to draw a map to show plant placement and spacing. This should be done yearly to determine the rotation of your vegetable crops. Seasonal plans may be used to determine planting schedules.

It’s best to locate taller crops, such as sweet corn or trellis plants, on the northern side of the garden. By doing this the sunlight will not be blocked from the lower growing plants. Try grouping vegetables together based on their growing period.

To obtain the greatest vegetable crop yields, you may want to try these intensive gardening methods: raised bed gardening, the use of a trellis for vertical gardening or supports and cages. Another popular method is container gardening which is ideal if you have limited space available. If you live in an apartment building give container gardening a try.


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Most design work is site specific

But you might want to visit the library and check out Keith Davitts book on small space garden design.
I bet he has a website too.
The Sunset series of books is good and I hear that BH+G has a website with some kind of garden plans.
I have never checked it out but have read about it on other gardening forums.

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Design - Make a proper design and layout of your vegetable garden. You must be sure of which crop or plant to use and where to use the same. The layout will make your garden look organized. The maintenance also reduces and becomes easier.

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sample vegetable garden layout plans
sample vegetable garden layout plans

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  • Avatar NA How do you start an English garden?
    Feb 21, 2009 by NA | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    After having been to a few countries I have to say English gardens are one of my favorites but I'm not exactly sure how to put one together myself? What flowers, lay out and technique are used?

    • The first English cottage gardens enclosed spaces (by shrubs & sometimes picket fencing) & had many useful herbs & flowers used for medicinal, cooking & fragrance purposes (even vegetables were included i …his English garden, along with the upbeat 'In the Summertime' music should put you in good spirits of what's to come once you get started:

      From one gardener to another...Good luck...and Happy Gardening!!!