Small Urban Garden Designs

Innovative Small Urban Garden Designs Summer, this is the best time to relax, to merge with nature and forget about everything. One of the best ways to do that is to build a small house or a wooden house in your garden. Just make a new variation by applying small urban garden designs. A home in your garden may be made with a touch of urban style like this. Garden with mini home is located in some urban places. Built of wood and stands on high beams. Inside are furnishings that depict rural atmosphere – wood, handmade lacy cushions and carpeting simple. This is helpful for they who stay keep their personality. This small house standing among trees whose function that is not exposed to sunlight heat. The balcony overlooks a valley with trees infinite. Neutral colors and very simple furniture, will take you on a relaxing atmosphere that is very intriguing in a small urban garden designs.

is inspired from the natural environment that is contain a lot of trees, grass, and so on. The garden can apply the variation of the garden model. As we know, our country has some of inspiration to make such a small urban garden design. One of them is the garden design that is contains of a small cottage, a real small fountain or can be replaced by table fountain. Then, the small area does not mean that we must reduce the garden stuff. You can make a vertical pot for the plants. But for tree, maybe you just need to have one, and the function is to make a shady for your small urban garden design.

The urban pallets can be added for the design of the fences that is usually in a form of cross wooden plat, the drawing of flower and plants directly shows the environment of urban area. Your old furniture can also added as the properties that complete the decoration. Make some rustic draw in the wall of the campus and let’s make make a barbeque in the middle of the small urban garden ideas.


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Most design work is site specific

But you might want to visit the library and check out Keith Davitts book on small space garden design.
I bet he has a website too.
The Sunset series of books is good and I hear that BH+G has a website with some kind of garden plans.
I have never checked it out but have read about it on other gardening forums.

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  • Avatar Louise Where can I find free chicken tractor designs?
    Aug 29, 2009 by Louise | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I am looking for coop designs, to build a small, urban garden chicken tractor, that is roughly 2 metres in lenght. Are there any sites that include detailed instructions that are free, to build good quality chicken tractors?

    Also, do you think that a rabbit could live happily in the same cage as 2 silkie bantams?
    Ahem.. a question mark is not an answer!! Neither is idk!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE! yeesh.

    • Free idk that but i do know where u could get one at dollar stores the always have them for like little kids i now i remember go to google and print out a ic. of a chicken and trace the chicken -lola- p.s- hoped that helped.