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Twelve years ago, around the time photographer Matthew Carden and food stylist Jennifer Carden got married, they kicked around the idea of opening an art gallery that would combine their passions for art and food. "We even reserved a URL back then. I think it was FoodIsArt.com, " says Matthew, who was photographing cookbooks and catalogs at the time.

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There's no detail too small for celebrated chef Thomas Keller. That's why dining at his Michelin-starred restaurants - French Laundry, Bouchon and Per Se - isn't just about the cuisine, it's about the details. From the decor to the garnish to the plate it's served on, everything has a purpose, and a place, in Keller's worldview. Some would ascribe this laser-focus attention to detail to work ethic, but that would be too simplistic.

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Q: I know you usually write about plants, but I'm hoping you can help me. I have heard that lead has been discovered in chicken eggs produced in Berkeley backyards. Is it at dangerous levels? I have several laying hens in San Francisco and wonder if this is something I should worry about. A: It is true that lead, a heavy metal toxic to humans, has been found in both chickens and eggs raised in urban settings.

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Q: My otherwise healthy 15-year-old male poodle mix is suddenly experiencing incontinence. He's house-trained and has always used the doggy door, but is now having accidents (not just dribbles but full puddles) en route to the door. What shall I do? A: There are many causes of urinary accidents such as the ones you describe in an older dog, most of which can be managed with medication or lifestyle changes.

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Sixteen years ago, a neighbor appeared at Rayne Wolfe's door holding a Jack Russell terrier. Citing three little boys younger than 7 and a pending divorce, she begged Wolfe to take the family pet. "You love dogs. I see you walking your dogs all the time. He'd fit right in, " she said with tears in her eyes." How could Wolfe say no? Actually, the timing was perfect.

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Bill Burnett And Kevin Burnett

Q: Exactly when does a home-improvement job require a permit? If I do a job that requires a permit and I don't get one, am I in trouble even if I don't get caught? A: Most finish work and ordinary repairs can be done without permits. These are too numerous to list, and different jurisdictions have different rules, but examples would be window and door replacement, cabinets and countertops, paint and siding, some fences and retaining walls.

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Wincraft San Francisco 49ers Garden Flag 2013 New Design Mini Wincraft
Sports (Wincraft)
  • Officially licensed San Francisco 49ers Garden Flag
  • Size: 11 wide x 15 long
  • Material: Polyester
  • Design and wording reads correctly on one side only.
  • Garden stand sold separately

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Judging by the recent ASLA awards....

The professional world of landscape architecture has finally embraced sustainable design methods as well as a native planting palette.
Even one of the US. leading graduate school programs in Landscape Architecture is offering Sustainable Landscape Design as an area of concentrated study.
Continued emphasis on vegetable gardens in suburban and urban gardenscapes.
Continued emphasis on drought tolerant plant species - both natives and succulents.
Trend plants - succulents will continue and bromeliads will enter into the mix. Big Bold Foliage plants as well as new ornamental grass introductions

'Hobbit' locations bring action, adventure to travelers  — The Seattle Times
From trekking boulder-strewn meadows in Trollshaw Forest, kayaking the Pelorus River in the wake of barrel-bobbing dwarves to horseback riding Beorn's house and woods, the pickings just got a lot brighter in the country whose identity is now ..

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Travelers' Tales/Solas House Bay Area Gardening: 64 Practical Essays by Master Gardeners
Book (Travelers' Tales/Solas House)
  • Used Book in Good Condition

Hitting The Trunk Road | 2013 In Review  — JamBase
With the exception of Phish's annual Madison Square Garden run, spontaneous Beyonce releases or box set stocking stuffers, rarely does anything exciting happen in December. It makes for the ..

Our History: Yankees Sing Dixie in Douglas  — Patch.com
At the intersection of Rockhouse Road and Riverside Parkway stood a two-story rock house constructed of flagstone and mortar. ..

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  • Avatar Tim B How do I build a Japanese rock garden?
    Jun 11, 2010 by Tim B | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I am referring to the ones where people use the rakes to create ripple designs that encircle larger rocks, and create ripple designs at the edges of the garden.

    I need to know the following things:

    What materials are needed to build such a garden?

    If it takes up an entire backyard, how much would the cost be estimated at?

    • Special permits?
      No - as long as it's not polluting, damaging or hurting others and it isn't a hazard. (ie: fire, flood)

      Depends on how much you want to spend.

      You w …om is flat to lie on the sand.

      With the above you can make this
      is nicer cause it has some green
      EVERGREEN plants which will always stay green and avoid plants which are bare in the winter.