It's happened, your hooked on Lavender. After growing a Lavender plant your totally in love and want more plants. Don't worry, it has happened to the best of us.

You want your own Lavender garden and you want to experience having an abundance of blooms. That means you will need to grow enough plants to bring that dream to a reality. Where will you put them? Below are some Lavender garden design ideas for planting Lavender. How will you plant your Lavender flower garden?

Whether you are one of the lucky ones blessed with a large yard or only have a front walkway you might consider planting a Lavender hedge. Lavender hedges allow you to grow a number of plants and really pack a punch visually when in flower. Besides ph and drainage full sun is what matters most for your Lavender garden!
For those with space such as along a driveway or fence line try the large growing varieties such as Grosso or Hidcote Giant. These are both Lavandula intermedia Lavandins which tolerate not so perfect growing conditions.

These large Lavenders will need about 3 feet between plants and reach over 3 feet tall when in bloom. You will have all the flowers and then some from this Lavender garden planting. When mature each plant is capable of producing up to 1000 stems of Lavender flower!

For a smaller design version of a Lavender hedge consider edging a garden bed or sidewalk with some of the smaller Lavender plants. You might consider planting a simple herb garden hedged by Lavender.

Lavender Garden Munstead dwarf, Lavender Lady or maybe a mid size variety such as Hidcote purple are possible Lavender garden choices for a smaller hedging. See more info on the different sizes of Lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender).

A large field may be planted with enough Lavender plants to make a garden maze or Labyrinth. Labyrinths were popular as a form of contemplative garden or meditation garden. One would walk the maze and think over or contemplate problems and meditate.

When considering a Lavender Labyrinth design you will need to consider material for the walkway. If you make your paths wide enough (at least 7 feet) you can have a simple grass walk or you may choose pea gravel which can be used as Lavender plant mulch too.

Mulching with pea gravel will give you an almost no maintenance Lavender garden other than pruning and the Lavender harvest. There will be an occasional weed but if you prep right you won't have that many. Plus it will reflect sunlight and help keep your plants healthy by reducing humidity.

Large or medium size Lavender plants are the best choices for a Lavender garden maze which is a large scale Lavender planting. Using a small variety does not give the same maze effect but more of a Victorian knot garden feel.

To design a Lavender garden maze just visit the local library as there are plenty of books on mazes. Your garden maze can be as simple or complex at your like. Heck, you could even make one big enough that it could become a visitor attraction if your wanted it to.

No matter what style of Lavender garden you plant please consider taking the time to visit some large scale Lavender gardens which are the Lavender farms to see plants in bloom and the different varieties. Planting a large Lavender garden can be an investment in time, labor as well as money and you can learn a lot from the pros.


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(sigh) What a shame.

I'd be great for it. I'm a well-spoken, reasonably presentable, 35-year-old, married, stay-at-home-Dad of a 2-month-old boy. I'm a decent carpenter, a good cook and have a relatively-refined aesthetic sense.
Landscaping? Don't talk to me about landscaping; I just spent the afternoon dragging a bunch of large rocks out of our burgeoning vegetable-and-herb garden.
I'm into architecture, art, and good design.
And I absolutely, positively hate the "reality show" production mill. So thanks, but no thanks.

Interesting list of websites . . .

Mike _________ Environmental Links
seems to have all types of info Bicycling, ecocities. Interesting.
Mike's Enviromental Links
A couple of links from Mik'e Links
This was a link to a class on ecocity biodiversitiy etc.
One interesting site is tribal, and they are working to build a community on 17 acres in Oregon or . . . This is their main page
We have moved onto a 17-acre piece of land that is in Western Oregon

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