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Your kids will eat their vegetables when they grow them themselves! Try this plan with easy-to-grow (and tasty!) ve...

  • Bountiful Buffet Vegetable Garden Plan

Grow your own food! This six-bed garden offers lots of space for all the family favorites.

  • Salad Bar Garden Plan

Plant your own salad bar! Salad greens are one of the fastest-growing crops. So easy, so delicious.

  • A Garden of Salad Greens

Easy to plant, easy to harvest! This row-cropped veggie garden offers salad greens, herbs, onions, and more!

  • All-American Vegetable Garden Plan

Homegrown goodness! Grow tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peas, radishes, peppers, and more.

  • An Eye-Catching Kitchen Garden Plan

Beautiful and delicious! This potager garden plan pumps out the produce all summer.

  • Asian-Inspired Vegetable Garden Plan

Do you love Asian food? Grow your own specialty veggies in this compact 6x6-foot garden.

  • Colorful Vegetable Garden Plan

It’s the new garden trend! Mix flowers and greens to create a garden that is as beautiful as it is delicious.

  • Easy Children's Vegetable Garden Plan

Plant a garden with your kids. This plan has both flowers and veggies to delight your little sprout.

  • Fall Vegetable Garden Plan

Harvest some of the garden’s best produce in fall: peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, herbs, and more.

  • Heritage Vegetable Garden

Heirloom vegetables are some of the most flavorful. Brandywine tomatoes, purple dragon carrot, and more!

  • Inspired by Italy Vegetable Garden Plan

Do you love pizza, lasagna, and spaghetti? Then grow all the ingredients to make your own custom sauces.

  • Patio Vegetable Garden Plan

Imagine harvesting fresh produce from your patio. You can! This plan shows you how.

  • Planting Plans Inspired by the White House Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is like a grocery store in your backyard. See our White House garden-inspired plan.

  • Small-Space Vegetable Garden Plan

You don’t need a lot of space to grow a lot of produce. Try this small-space garden plan.

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(sigh) What a shame.

I'd be great for it. I'm a well-spoken, reasonably presentable, 35-year-old, married, stay-at-home-Dad of a 2-month-old boy. I'm a decent carpenter, a good cook and have a relatively-refined aesthetic sense.
Landscaping? Don't talk to me about landscaping; I just spent the afternoon dragging a bunch of large rocks out of our burgeoning vegetable-and-herb garden.
I'm into architecture, art, and good design.
And I absolutely, positively hate the "reality show" production mill. So thanks, but no thanks.

Interesting list of websites . . .

Mike _________ Environmental Links
seems to have all types of info Bicycling, ecocities. Interesting.
Mike's Enviromental Links
A couple of links from Mik'e Links
This was a link to a class on ecocity biodiversitiy etc.
One interesting site is tribal, and they are working to build a community on 17 acres in Oregon or . . . This is their main page
We have moved onto a 17-acre piece of land that is in Western Oregon

Seattle Glass Art  — Barron's
His work is now in over 200 museums, galleries, casinos and botanical gardens around the world, including the New York Botanical Garden, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Kew Gardens in London. Chihuly Glass and Garden: The Glasshouse.

Vestiage Adds to Advisory Committee in Fourth Quarter  — Wall Street Journal
Jeff is a uniquely creative executive, bringing strong creative and design talents, operational execution and business management talent to Vestiage.

Windmill could be in Doubleday Arboretum's future  — Langley Times
The visitor centre is being designed in collaboration with the Arboretum and Botanical Society of Langley, which arranged a field trip to the Sunshine Coast centre this year.

My vegetable garden in backyard
My vegetable garden in backyard
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The Best Organic Vegetable Garden …
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How to Build a Raised Vegetable Garden …

Old gas stations come back to life as trendy restaurants  — KETK
CNN — (CNN) -- The dilapidated 1930s Standard Oil gas station was in the perfect spot -- a corner not far the Missouri Botanical Garden, a medical school and a beautiful park. .. "Gas stations are almost always on corner sites, they have good ..

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  • Avatar BC2000 Good Architect or Interior Designer in London Hackney for small garden and loft extension?
    Nov 04, 2012 by BC2000 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am looking for a designer who can help us with our relatively small budget house extension project.
    I found RIBA Architect / company a bit too much for us, we will need a planning permission and would love to dev …We want to express our originality and personal touch in the project, not like those showroom looking...

    Anyone knows some tips of how to get to know those individual designers, search web link, communities?

    • If I was you, I would contact and try to arrange a site meeting with several Architects/Designers who you think could work best for your project.

      I am also an Architectural Designer based in Hackney, deali … would also be very happy to meet and discuss your project (initial meeting free of charge)

      I hope yo find this helpful, I am also attaching some search web links below for you.

      All the best