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Gardens: Totally Organic Experiences

Gardens among the most sought-after outdoor design elements overall,according to the American Society of Landscape Architects' 2013 Residential Design Trends Survey. The ASLA asked residential landscape architects to rate the expected popularity of outdoor design elements for the year and gardens are a front-runner at 94%. Proof that the local food movement is gaining traction? The survey also predicts an increase in people opting for fruit and vegetable gardens (76.4% popularity) and that organic gardens are becoming more in-demand (up to 65.3% versus 61.2% in the 2011 survey). This organic garden,as seen on,is a beautiful embodiment of all of those trends.

Source: www.hgtv.com

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Columbus Organic Garden Service

I am conducting a market survey to get an idea of how many people around the Columbus area would be interested in an organic gardening service.
The concept would be a service to design, install, and maintain an organic garden in your own backyard. The customer would be charged a small amount for installation fees, as well as weekly maintenance fees for weeding, harvesting, etc.
For about $30 a week, a family would be provided with a box of fresh organic produce, with no work required from the customer.
Please let me know if you would be interested in such a service.

Seattle Glass Art  — Barron's
His work is now in over 200 museums, galleries, casinos and botanical gardens around the world, including the New York Botanical Garden, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Kew Gardens in London. Chihuly Glass and Garden: The Glasshouse.

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Jeff is a uniquely creative executive, bringing strong creative and design talents, operational execution and business management talent to Vestiage.

Windmill could be in Doubleday Arboretum's future  — Langley Times
The visitor centre is being designed in collaboration with the Arboretum and Botanical Society of Langley, which arranged a field trip to the Sunshine Coast centre this year.

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