The Hugelkultur and Raised Bed Garden Designs

There are a plethora of unique garden bed designs. Most of these set ups allow you to maximize space and minimize costly inputs such as fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

Here’s a couple of garden bed designs which are cheap to build and yet very effective and productive ways to garden.

The Raised Bed
The basic structure is four wooden boards- I have two raised beds each made of two 11′ boards long by two 8.5′ wooden boards. These boards were then laid into shallow trenches and screwed together with brackets in four corners; thus making a square or rectangle depending on the dimensions. Then I put landscaping cloth put over top of the ground inside the bed then covered the cloth with top soil and compost; the raised bed is now ready for use.

There are many variations on this form- some beds are covered first in landscaping cloth then covered with newspaper or mulch which helps discourage weed growth and pests more effectively together. Still, some people make a “lasagna” garden which consists of layers of well- rotted compost or manure, grass clippings or fruit and veggie waste that is sandwiched between layers of wood chips, leaves or anything containing a good amount of carbon. This pile is then left to rot and compost for a season or two. After the wait the garden bed is teeming with organic material and micro-organisms, a great place to grow a bounty of crops.hugelkultur_potato ners to make use of what materials they have on hand, but the process of breaking down layers takes time. All of these raised beds are durable, easy to manage and are great foils for setting up season extending hoop houses.

The Hugelkultur:
Hugelkultur mimics the natural forest floor by using rotting logs, leaves and compost. The components of this type of bed help hold in moisture and raise the soil temperature. These raised beds require more space than the traditional raised beds and are time consuming to set up. However, these beds are very effective season after season.



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Garden T-Shirt Designs

25 years ago before the internet, I started a little company that put gardening logos and funny sayings on T-shirts and caps and visors.
I actually sold thousands of these through retail outlets and two gardening shows. One show was at a large pier facility in San Francisco and the other was a gardening show at the fairgrounds in Monterey, CA.
Problem was my costs to have these printed up were more than I could get for them and I ended up going bust.
Too bad though. I had some terrific designs and some hilarious ones.
My stuff sold so much at these shows that the show promoter at the second one offered to buy out the rest of my stock ( at a cheap price

Green Landscaping In Boston  — CBS Local
But the American Society of Landscape Architects Conference isn't the only opportunity for people to learn about sustainable garden design. The Boston Architectural College, which has a huge focus on green design, has courses in landscape architecture.

Gardening with Raised Beds
Gardening with Raised Beds
Best Raised Bed Garden in the …
Best Raised Bed Garden in the …
design a raised garden beds plans
design a raised garden beds plans

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  • Avatar Debi How do I make a waist high garden bed?
    Apr 01, 2007 by Debi | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I would like to design and make my own waist-high garden beds so that when I am older, I don't need to stoop to work in my garden. After searching on the net, I can only find raised beds that are about a foot off the ground. I would like to make permanent beds not needing soil all the way to the ground, out of materials that will not leech chemicals into the soil, and without paying a fortune for supplies. Thanks!

    • Lately I've been pondering this same idea and 'Juan' the "smart azz" may be on to something. I've been asked to design a garden for a nursing home and the trustees envision flower beds and maybe a cut flower be …The soil dug from the trenches can be mixed with compost to fill the beds. I would use railroad ties and line the edges with plastic to keep the creosote out of the veggies. I love it when a plan comes together!!! RScott