PictureThe winners Group 3 with the Abbot and Ida Breed

Landscape design students at the Department of Architecture of the University of Pretoria (UP) were tasked with redesigning the gardens at Chan Lin, Nan Hua Temple’s Zen garden. The project was integrated into their curricula and a basic guideline was supplied by their lecturer, Ida Breed.
The designs and ideas for the redesigning of the Zen garden to Venerable Masters Hui Fang, Abbot of Nan Hua Temple, Venerable Jue Kai and Lee Raath-Brownie, a volunteer at the Temple were presented in October 2011 by the students.

The runners up Group 6 with the Abbot and Ida Breed.

The students were grouped together in six groups of four students and had spent a day at Chan Lin, Nan Hua Temple’s Zen garden, to measure, photograph and gain insight of the overall look and feel of the garden.
The theme of their projects were: ‘A garden for meditation’ and the students had to do research on Buddhism, Eastern philosophy, meditation and the history of Fo Guang Shan in order to create designs suitable for the Zen garden at Nan Hua Temple.
Their designs also had to incorporate the geographical positioning of the garden as well as its climate. Symbolism also played a major role and influenced the designs presented.
The projects were rated by the Venerable Masters and Lee in three different categories which included the garden design’s functional aspect, its character and the presentation.
The decision was unanimous and Group 3 won the prize arranged by the Venerable Masters. The runners up received a small prize and in true Nan Hua tradition, all participants received a thank you token of appreciation.


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  • Avatar joystickhappy How to make a zen garden and where to get the tools step by step?
    Nov 21, 2007 by joystickhappy | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I would like to make a zen garden but am just a beginer what type of sand do i need where do i find the rocks where can i buy a special rake please tell me.

    • Is a miniature zen garden, but will give you some ideas:
      one is more of a rock garden, but is Zen in its nature:
      suggestion is to pick up a book on Oriental gardens from a local garden center. It will hel …ount stores and hardware stores. The rake you need is a normal garden rake, but there are special ones available as well, those are to be found in garden centers, lumber yards, hardware stores or even in discount stores.