Sustainable Garden Design Workshops – Event Round-up (Adelaide, South Australia)

A series of free Sustainable Garden Design Workshops were held at various locations around Adelaide, South Australia, over the past couple of months and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the one held in the suburb of Salisbury, along with quite a large number of other people. All of the events were basically booked out, which shows the growing enthusiasm for creating sustainable gardens.

The day was hot, but the participants were eager and undaunted by the heat, as they soaked up the gems of knowledge our guests had to share!

Mark Caldicott, from the Radio 5AA Garden Show and a mainstay of the Norwood Garden Centre was first up. His presentation, ‘Environmentally Responsible Gardening’, gave quite an in-depth look at some of the important factors to consider when creating a sustainable garden.

His segment covered:

  • Observation — Using observations skills to work with nature, following natural patterns and clues. Observing interactions between the plants themselves and with wildlife.
  • Soil — Testing for soil type, organic content, wetability, drainage and pH. Understanding soil types and how to work with what you have. How to change soil pH, and the wonders of compost for helping with this!
  • Climate — The importance of knowing your climate and using plants which thrive in it. A rain gauge is an important tool in your garden, so that you know the rainfall for your specific location. Catching water with rainwater tanks and overflow ponds. Sensible watering techniques. Stopping evaporation with mulch.
  • Feeding — Healthy soil = healthy plants. it into my bio-system and what affect might killing it have? Natural pest and disease control. Companion planting. Healthy gardens are less susceptible.
  • Plant Selection — Think before planting, or disposing of, any plant. What could the consequences be?
  • Sharing and Caring — Sharing excess seedlings and plants with your neighbours, thereby creating community along with spreading resilience.

Full of practical tips, and framed within a sustainable perspective, this session was both informative and enjoyable.

A short break, with refreshments provided, gave us a chance to stretch our legs and talk further with Mark or our fellow attendees.

Pam Gunnel and Jenny Bates with fellow community garden member

Pam and Jenny at Lochiel Park Community Garden, getting the next generation of gardeners involved in some fun!


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Garden design books

I'm not a designer, so here are some lists of books from a friend who is:
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I enjoy Mediterranean style gardens, perhaps because they fits well with our dry-summer Mediterranean climate

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    • Well, basically you are going for a very relaxed look.

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