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Several focal points in this houseboat scene keep the viewer motivated to look closer.Any design process is mixed with a variety of elements; creating a garden is no different in complexity than designing a dress or the interior of a room. You need to know what to look for first, and how the pieces come together into one design. For example, when identifying the anchor point of the garden, you need to consider the balance, too; as you layer plants, textures need to be considered. This may seem complicated, but it is part of the creative fun of designing a garden.Well-shaped trees, like this ‘Pixie Dust’ dwarf Alberta spruce, make excellent anchor points. imes overwhelming range of options to a very manageable number, allowing you to get started right away.

Using the basic garden tenets of anchor point, balance, layers, texture, color, and focal point, you can plan your miniature garden with confidence. Understanding all of these elements will help you design like a professional and create a lasting, enchanting miniature garden.

Anchor points
An anchor point in a full-sized garden is usually the largest element: perhaps a planting that is already there and cannot be easily moved. It could be a tall tree in the corner of your yard or, a big fountain that has been there forever, or your deck off the kitchen in the back of the house. Anchor points are also called jumping-off points by designers of full-sized gardens, because the anchors must be part of the design; there is no choice but to work with them. However, in the miniature garden world, an anchor point could be just about anything because you are creating your own scene from scratch. To capture authenticity and realism, use a miniature version of any full-sized anchor point.Include contrasting textures and colors for added interest. >Layers
Layering is a design technique you might not think to consider for such a small garden, but it is actually critical to a beautiful scene. Just as in your full-sized garden, layering creates dimensionality and visual interest. Once you have established your anchor point, you can start layering with different plant heights, creating the boundaries or walls of your garden and helping the plants’ transitions between each other. For example, an eight-inch-tall dwarf hinoki cypress and two-inchtall dwarf mondo grass, planted with half-inch-tall ‘Elfin’ thyme, creates three layers in a miniature garden bed.

Everything in a miniature gardens is seen all at once, so balance is essential. 056_kb120602_294-WEB


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Hello, I just recently had my landscaping done meaning I got a new front side walk, rock and some flower beds with a nice stamped concrete look. However, I have no shrubs, flowers, or anything. I want something that will go with my house and flow with my yard. My yard sits in the shade. What I am looking for is someone to design what plants I need. I can do the work but just have no idea what to do. Does anyone know where I can go for this?

Home Gardener's School with Registration Link

The one-day Rutgers University/NJAES - Home Gardener’s School offers you expert instruction in the most innovative gardening and landscaping subjects available. We are proud to offer you a wider variety of classes, over four different sessions, so you may participate in many diverse class offerings throughout the day. Speakers from our commercial horticulture and landscape design programs will be participating along with NJAES/Rutgers Cooperative Extension & The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences faculty and staff, providing you opportunities to learn from the best in the business

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  • Avatar joystickhappy How to make a zen garden and where to get the tools step by step?
    Nov 21, 2007 by joystickhappy | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I would like to make a zen garden but am just a beginer what type of sand do i need where do i find the rocks where can i buy a special rake please tell me.

    • Is a miniature zen garden, but will give you some ideas:
      one is more of a rock garden, but is Zen in its nature:
      suggestion is to pick up a book on Oriental gardens from a local garden center. It will hel …ount stores and hardware stores. The rake you need is a normal garden rake, but there are special ones available as well, those are to be found in garden centers, lumber yards, hardware stores or even in discount stores.