Jim Marrazzo: Indoor and Kitchen Herb Gardens

Jim Marrazzo, Designer at Kitchen Views in Newton, MA“Bring the Outdoors In!” by Jim Marrazzo

Spice up your kitchen with fresh herbs! A good way to bring the outdoors into your kitchen is with fresh herbs. When planning a kitchen design, trying to incorporate a herb garden can be as simple as window sill pots…

…or even built into cabinetry!

Fresh herbs can bring color and freshness to your kitchen. Most kitchens have plenty of natural light to plan your fresh herb garden, and even if you don’t, you can use plant lights (as shown with the purple lights above) to grow herbs and enjoy fresh herbs all year long!

Speak with your kitchen designer to help you plan a space for your own indoor herb garden!

Jim Marrazzo
Kitchen Views at National Lumber
15 Needham St, Newton, MA 02461

Indoor Herb Garden - Window Sill Pots Indoor Herb Garden - Window Herb Garden Shelves Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden - built into cabinets Indoor Herb Garden

Source: blog.kitchenviews.com

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Offer to design and plant her an herb garden

Her kitchen. I have large concrete pots, each with a different herb/herbs and some with roses and edible flowers, lining my walk way up to the kitchen porch. It is beautiful and I have not bought an herb in years. Easy to atke care of, and since the pots are large and tall (each one up on 2 or 3 bricks for increased drainage/air circulation) they are also 'boy-dog proof'.

How to save costs in design & install

Find the blueprints that show the outline of your property and the buildings on it. Copy them.
Measure the distance to major landscape features that are not on the blueprints such as paths and large trees, planting beds, etc. Put them on one copy.
If you don't have blueprints and have the time and patience, measure your property and building outlines yourself. This step alone can save you hundreds of dollars.
Copy the copy with the final drawings and begin to draw things on it like "kid's play area", "dog run", "garbage cans", "mail box", "kitchen herb garden", "screen bedroom window from street", "guide guests towards front door instead of garage", etc

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Apache Mills Apache 1220355BB Cushion Comfort Mat, Garden Herbs
Lawn & Patio (Apache Mills)
  • Exceptional comfort meets fun designs in these cushion comfort mat
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  • Stain proof and fade resistant making them easy to clean
  • Available in garden herbs design
  • Measures 20-inch length by 42-inch width; approximately 3/8-inch thickness
Back to the Roots Back to the Roots Aqua Farm
Grocery (Back to the Roots)
  • Self-cleaning fish tank that grows food.
  • Fish waste feeds the plants. Plants clean the water.
  • Includes everything you need to get started as well as organic seeds and a discount coupon for a Betta fish.
  • Sleek and attractive design with 3-gallon capacity.
  • Perfect for your kitchen or classroom. Also makes a great gift.

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  • Avatar Paradise Could you recommend a professional landscape desing sofware?
    Oct 02, 2010 by Paradise | Posted in Drawing & Illustration

    I am looking to buy a professional garden design or landscape design software. Will be greteful if anyone can help.

    • Landscape design software may be more technical for gardens or yards, as oppose to fields and mountains,

      Realtime Landscaping Architect
      Vision Garden Design Software

      Autode …ls
      Homestyler free online
      > Virtual garden >
      Homes and Gardens" > Plan a Garden Landscape (require login)
      > Plants designer for other landscape renderer's,