Japanese Garden Design, Construction & Maintenance

Japanese GardensThomas studied Japanese Garden Art and construction as part of his course in college. He later travelled to Japan along with Dr Paul Cusack, National Botanic Gardens in the mid nineties.

Lately Thomas attended an intensive & practice orientated course on garden art and garden construction in Japan in February 2010.

Our experience in Japanese Landscape & Garden Design means we offer a progressive style and look in Japanese style garden landscaping design and architecture either in the traditional style or a mix with contemporary styled design.

Japanese Garden Good Japanese garden and landscape design is the ultimate achievement in simplicity, dignity, tranquillity and grace in its design.

Our landscaping & gardening service contrives to display the balance of nature using many elements to create a setting of absolute peace and tranquillity, making a clear and unique statement!

The design of the Japanese gardens is based on three basic principles, reduced scale, symbolisation, and borrowed view. Gardens in reduced scale represent famous scenes and places in small and confined spaces.

Thomas J Crummy Landscaping Japanese Garden Design will help design, build & maintain your perfect Japanese garden.

Source: www.thomasjcrummy.com

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One word : "Library". - lotsa info on J.Gardens

There are many wonderful books written on japanese garden design.
Too many to list but a few of my favorite are ,The Modern Japanese Garden and Landscape as Spirit by Mosko.
After understanding the meaning of placement and iconology you'll can find lots of suppliers and importers by doing a simple google search.
If you have an Asian neighborhood/ community in your city you'll probably can find a small import shop.
I go into San Francisco to source my materials.
Lots of wonderful work to choose from.

Gotta agree with those selections, the Hannebaum

Book was our text book in Landscape Design many years ago & is well written & relevant today. Thomas Church's book 'Gardens Are For People' is a must have for all gardeners interested in design principles, illustrated by renown Japanese American landscape architect Casey Kawamoto this is a classic that helped define mid century garden design on the west coast. Another good book by a west coast architect that is worth seeking out is 'The Art Of Home Landscaping' by Garrett Eckbo, another mid century icon who was partners with Robert Royston, Eckbo's book is quite comprehensive & features many photographs of his work

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