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Lighting design creates the opportunity to set scenes in the garden.

At it's most basic garden lighting is there for safety and security; lighting access paths, driveways, gates and detering unwanted visitors.

Beyond that, night time turns your garden into a blank canvas and lighting can be used to paint different pictures or set different moods after dark.

Garden lighting enables some features to be made prominent after dark and equally allows other areas to be left in shadow if you don't want to emphasize them. For example; you may want to highlight structural elements like trees, statues and water features but you may not want to draw the eye to childrens play areas, composting/ working areas or next doors ugly shed roof!!

The brightness of the basic lighting and the subtlety of the mood lighting can sometimes conflict. Separating them into different circuits and introducing switching, dimming and remote control options will allow finger tip control of the atmophere that you want to create.

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Need a flexible experineced landscape designer

I've already paid a designer who came back with a design that included removing the patio (2 years old, and we still love it), and relocating the gate. When we talked, before she submitted her design ideas, we said we wanted to keep the patio and we didn't say anything about the fence being changed. We told her we wanted something to fit in with what we already have. We paid for her design, since she did the work, but it was useless for us.
Months later I found someone else who mostly did gardening, but did some designing. Her design showed a berm that my spouse, a construction engineer (works with dirt a lot) said was going to be too tall in...

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  • Avatar Paradise Could you recommend a professional landscape desing sofware?
    Oct 02, 2010 by Paradise | Posted in Drawing & Illustration

    I am looking to buy a professional garden design or landscape design software. Will be greteful if anyone can help.

    • Landscape design software may be more technical for gardens or yards, as oppose to fields and mountains,

      Realtime Landscaping Architect
      Vision Garden Design Software

      Autode …ls
      Homestyler free online
      > Virtual garden >
      Homes and Gardens" > Plan a Garden Landscape (require login)
      > Plants designer for other landscape renderer's,