Garden Design Magazine is Back!

Garden Design Magazine is back in 2014, website live now!Have you heard? Garden Design Magazine is back! Even better, it is aligned to make it the go to landscape/outdoor reference for both designers and homeowners. When the magazine folded back in April, we were left with importing magazines from across the pond or buying 10 shelter magazines for one article each month. Even though the magazine in its past state had issues (skewed content towards wealthy, modern Southern Californians), it was the only source for design trends, and garden articles written for folks who can id more than just boxwoods and hydrangeas.

I am lucky to be privy to a few specifics about what you can expect from the first printed magazine (Summer 2014 issue) and the already launched website.

Garden Design Website Summer 2014 Magazine relaunch

New Leadership

With the new magazine comes new leadership and Jim Peterson is just the man to getting the job done. Jim offers a unique / fresh perspective, coming at the magazine from a different angle then a background in publishing. Jim’s roots stem from two already successful ventures in the Concrete Network and Landscape Network which offer professionals and consumers a forum for sharing design ideas, photos galleries, and products information. Jim has been reaching out to designers across the country asking their perspective into the Garden Design brand; the good and the bad and is leveraging those ideas with a social platform. Garden Design will have a very strong editorial eye and voice, and will embrace the entire garden design community in content representation .


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Landscape/Horticulture Consulting

I have a decade of landscape experience ranging from flower garden design/maintenance, estimating for large estates, caring for Manhattan rooftop gardens, and managing a museum garden collection.
Education background is in liberal arts and a certificate in landscape design from a botanical garden.
I'm looking for suggestions as to how do gardening/landscape consulting. I like working with businesses and homeowners, communicate well with both, and have vast experience in most areas of landscaping. I don't want to be acting as a contractor, rather as some kind of liaison or teacher

Garden Railroad

Over the last four years or so, Ds helped my dad design and build this G scale railroad in my parents' back yard. The layout includes models of the ranch MY granddad grew up on, as well as outbuildings representing all of my generation's hobbies - My dh is proprietor of the bookstore, sil has a candy store, my brother is represented by a hardware store, and I'm the schoolmarm. LOL.
The train station is called "Liberty" in honor of Ds whose b-day is July 4th. He picked the name.
My mom (who loves to garden) is in charge of the landscaping.
They had an open house today with Garden RR fans from all over So Cal

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