An Overview of English Garden Design

English Garden DesignEnglish Garden Design

When it comes to designing an English garden of your own, think an extraordinary variety of plants i.e. perennials and annuals, flowering shrubs, herbs and vegetables, the bulbs, and ground covers.

Growing plants in beds and borders is another essential component of English garden design as well; especially the borders that are full of flowering plants in artistic arrangements.

One of the most typical English garden plants is the rose. You may grow your roses on a trellis, in a raised bed, or even let them climb your stone wall.English Garden Design onies, pansies, irises, and more should be planted just to accessorize the roses.

English garden, where is full of floral and great foliage, as well as delicious smells, has a very classic charm that can catch the guests’ attention and attract the beautiful butterflies. This garden design usually comes with a naturalistic planting. The characteristics of English garden style will definitely impress you with the natural looking yet controlled landscape design.

English Garden Design

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English Garden Design English Garden Design English Garden Design English Garden Design


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I like more of a traditional or even country style, sans chickens and cows, not a cutesy country but more of a contemporary country. My home is probably more like the Coastal Living exampes shown. Also the garden is important, ties into the house style.

Roof garden advice?

Roof replacement brings an opportunity to install a roof garden. It looks like this is going to take a lot of work.
The foundation, walls, and roof structure meant to hold a light traditional roof need to be replaced or made more robust to handle the load of a wet layer of soil and plants above. This probably means a rebuilt foundation, additional structure in the walls, and some kind of new brace assembly to hold the roof up.
It seems like most moisture barriers eventually fail, especially when irrigation and roots get involved, and so some kind of double barrier design that suspends the garden and garden paths over the roof itself would be best

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English Garden Design
English Garden Design

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