Small Container Gardening Gone Wild

365garden(Image by Eserro)

I think of my container gardens as an extension of my garden, not just an alternative for limited space (although containers are wonderful in tiny spaces too). I have a backyard and a designated vegetable garden, yet I still rely on my container gardens—mainly because my full-sun patio allows me to grow all sorts of veggies and flowers I can’t grow anywhere else in my yard. Since my vegetable garden only has a half-day of sun, I’m limited to lettuces, herbs and leafy greens. But on my full-sun patio, I grow a large pot of roses, two varieties of basils, a lavender plant, grasses and a giant container of tomatoes.

Below are a list of original and beautiful container design ideas, but first, let’s start with these planting tips:

1. Consider height of your plants.

If you’re growing a flower container garden, ideally, you want to plant a larger variety towards the back and a low-grower in the front. More bushy options, or even climbers like a sweet potato vine can trail down the sides.

2. Determine how much sunlight you have.

purple gardenIf your yard, terrace or even fire escape (see garden below) is in the shade, go with shade-loving plants. If you’ve got full sun, then make sure your plants can tolerate heat.

3. Use good soil.

Use a good soil mix or mix it together yourself with peet moss, humus and manure.

4. Decide on container size & style.

tomatoGo with a tea box (but make sure to drill holes in the bottom for drainage), a terra cotta pot or even a drawer (see the adorable one below). Just make sure you have enough drainage and room for roots.

Here are some more container gardening designs for inspiration:

Fire Escape

succulent(Image by

fireescape drawer garden


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Try this Design Assistant

I like more of a traditional or even country style, sans chickens and cows, not a cutesy country but more of a contemporary country. My home is probably more like the Coastal Living exampes shown. Also the garden is important, ties into the house style.

Roof garden advice?

Roof replacement brings an opportunity to install a roof garden. It looks like this is going to take a lot of work.
The foundation, walls, and roof structure meant to hold a light traditional roof need to be replaced or made more robust to handle the load of a wet layer of soil and plants above. This probably means a rebuilt foundation, additional structure in the walls, and some kind of new brace assembly to hold the roof up.
It seems like most moisture barriers eventually fail, especially when irrigation and roots get involved, and so some kind of double barrier design that suspends the garden and garden paths over the roof itself would be best

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Container Garden Design
Container Garden Design
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Container Gardening: Design

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