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Multiple floating homes attached to a single tree. Floating family business and floating family boats all attached to a tree. Tonle Sap floating village - Cambodia.
In the floating village you find all a regular village has to offer. Restaurants, mechanical shops, all kind of floating businesses a community needs. Often grouped like here in this picture a few different floating homes attached to each other or fixed to a tree.
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Dove... flying around. This tiny flower, with mostly with white colour, plus a little spot of yellow. The formation of dove.

Robert Nyman
Like, flowers

Gerti\'s garten

Norrie at the flower school - 026-5.jpg

White and ample flower

This Flower, Unique, Because Have The Heart Shape, And Fortunately I Have A Moment To Capture It :)

When take this flower, i just curious in the middle of this flower, it's take couple days to figure out what to name this photo, finally name of "swirl" comes out... flower with combination of white and red, somehow it may like th e flying bird.

Pyracantha berries in Ben Lomond, CA USA

Looking back over the week I think the show has been another great success.

During my more 'sane' moments this week, these are some of the things which gave me most pleasure, in addition to the floral marquee. I particularly admired the flower beds - especially Noah's Ark and the Stoke on Trent to Patagonia bed.

The Visionary Gardens, although not my personal favourites were very much a talking point. I think the category could potentially be extended - even if it is a bit 'Emperor's New Clothes'.

A real highlight for me has been the introduction of the Fruit and Vegetable section, which inspired a great deal of interest among adults and children alike. I hope this section returns and extends next year!

By the way, this is where you could often find me this week, writing my blog in the shelter for rain or sunshine in the Tatton Tent!'

So as 4pm and the great sell off approaches, it's 'hold on to your plants', watch out for walking hanging baskets and here we go for next year!


Premier Kites Paradise Yoga Bird of Paradise Decorative House Garden Flag by Premier Designs - 28" x 40"
Lawn & Patio (Premier Kites)
  • House brilliance flag is printed using a dye sublimation technique for the best quality and reversibility
  • Embroidery is added to enhance details of this beautifully designed flag
  • Strong, durable and high end leather tabs are used inside the house flag pole sleeves
  • Available in paradise yoga theme
  • Measures 28-inch width by 40-inch length

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Try this Design Assistant

I like more of a traditional or even country style, sans chickens and cows, not a cutesy country but more of a contemporary country. My home is probably more like the Coastal Living exampes shown. Also the garden is important, ties into the house style.

Roof garden advice?

Roof replacement brings an opportunity to install a roof garden. It looks like this is going to take a lot of work.
The foundation, walls, and roof structure meant to hold a light traditional roof need to be replaced or made more robust to handle the load of a wet layer of soil and plants above. This probably means a rebuilt foundation, additional structure in the walls, and some kind of new brace assembly to hold the roof up.
It seems like most moisture barriers eventually fail, especially when irrigation and roots get involved, and so some kind of double barrier design that suspends the garden and garden paths over the roof itself would be best

Island chefs to set up shop at Sound Food building  — Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber
He eventually purchased a 3-acre farm just outside Los Angeles, where he raised livestock, maintained an heirloom garden, made pasta, baked bread and even brewed beer, all in support of his own farm-to-table dinner club venture.

Bangkok Travel: Eating is the Entertainment  — Huffington Post
These are excellent, small plates for sharing.

Gold Crest Distributing LLC Premier Designs Cardinal Spinner
Lawn & Patio (Gold Crest Distributing LLC)
  • Fun bird shape with spinning wings
  • Made of weather-resistant material
  • Head and tail keep it faced into the wind
  • Comes with fiberglass pole
  • Dimensions: 11W x 24L inches

Kotaku Asks: The Story Behind Nintendo's Innovative 3DS StreetPass Games  — Kotaku
One of 2013's best surprises was the release of four unusual games for the Nintendo 3DS, all experimenting with a new style of multiplayer game little seen in the long history of interactive entertainment.

Premier Kites & Designs Santa on Bicycle Spinner
Lawn & Patio (Premier Kites & Designs)
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with sturdy poles and ground stake
  • SunTex fade-resistant fabric

Subaru's Zero-Waste Factory Is Turning the Rust Belt Green  — TakePart
While next year marks the release of the company's first hybrid, the 2014 XV Crosstrek, plans for an electric car are unclear. SIA is also stridently .. much room for landfills.

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  • Avatar indiavb2003 What are some fun things to do on U-Penn Campus?
    Nov 11, 2008 by indiavb2003 | Posted in Philadelphia

    I want to do some fun stuff when i visit my sister there... She actually attends Drexel but Drexel and U-Penn are right next to each other... I am 14 so no bars and stuff... Please answer ASAP!

    • With its funky vibe and unique spirit, University City is one of Philadelphia’s most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. Located on the west side of downtown Philadelphia, the area is a hotbed of education, science, medic …hibits that explore everything from the heart’s function to generating electricity to kinetic and physiological impacts on sports performance. The Franklin Institute also features an IMAX theater and a planetarium. Visit