Fort Worth Botanic Garden: Diversity in Bloom

Forth Worth Botanic Garden, Fort WorthHere’s what I knew about Fort Worth, Texas before I went there:

  • There are over one thousand natural gas wells.
  • The city contains the headquarters for American Airlines and Lockheed Martin.
  • It’s the sixteenth biggest city – by population – in the United States.

Forth Worth Botanic Garden, Fort WorthTo me, this suggested a sprawling, industrial place. None of my preconceptions involved an artfully tended Japanese Garden, tucked among 110 acres, which are devoted to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

Rainforest Indoor Conservatory

Water dominates this 10, 000 square foot space. Paths lead visitors by a waterfall, river and pools. Even the air is saturated with steam in this recreated rainforest environment. Huge palm fronds obscure the ceiling, surrounded by pink, orange and pale purple foliage and flowers.
(Admission is per person).

Forth Worth Botanic Garden, Fort WorthWater Conservation Garden

Due to an unfortunate incident during which our Chiweiner nearly relieved herself on a rattlesnake, our yard has been ripped out and replaced with monochromatic gravel – we have no interest in providing camouflage opportunities for any disorientated reptiles. In parched New Mexico, our ‘landscaping’ is a smart decision water wise. But we would like a few pops of color, a small container garden perhaps. As a result, we made a beeline for the teeny water conservation garden. Emphasis on the word teeny.Forth Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth s lantana, which both looked suspiciously like weeds (although perhaps it was the wrong time of year to appreciate them). Another option was the tutti frutti yarrow, with vibrant flowers but unimpressive foliage. The pink Texas skullcap was appealing but it was as bushy as Lane’s hair after twenty minutes in the humid conservatory and could potentially conceal critters (the plant, not Lane’s hair). And we were back to gravel.

Texas Native Forest Boardwalk

Designed with kids in mind, the boardwalk is a fun transition between the garden center and the majority of the gardens. On one side of this raised wood an cement path, native Texan plants flourish, while the other side is planted with invasive species – a horticultural walk of shame if you will. Learning stations help kids identify leaves and animal prints (including ones from an armadillo).

Forth Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth Forth Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth Forth Worth Botanic Garden, Fort Worth


Museum of New Mexico Press Natural by Design: Beauty and Balance in Southwest Gardens
Book (Museum of New Mexico Press)

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or hate it when I paint my house... Probably the latter.
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Garden Structure Designs
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