How to Make a Japanese Garden Style that Look Charming

Japanese Garden Style How to Make a Japanese Garden Style that Look CharmingJapanese garden style does have a relaxing and calming atmosphere. That is why design is very popular a la Japan to the West region. Japanese architecture and garden design itself is a cultural heritage dating back centuries and of the kingdoms of ancient Japan.Japanese Garden How to Make a Japanese Garden Style that Look Charming of clear water.

To create a beautiful Japanese garden, it requires drafting first in order to create an atmosphere of order and neatness in the desired garden. The principle of making themselves indeed easy bother, because the Japanese garden should be made as natural as possible like natural woods to create a calming atmosphere, but still pay attention to neatness and layout of each of the elements required to make it look balanced and orderly.

Try not to present symmetrical elements in the park or at the side, because the concept of a Japanese garden always wanted the atmosphere as natural as possible with other forms of irregular or asymmetric deliberately set. It is also intended to eliminate the dominant impression is only in certain parts of the park.

phl garden How to Make a Japanese Garden Style that Look Charming

Plants are often grown on the Japanese-style garden usually also has its own aesthetic. You can plant bonsai plants, Japanese grass as a base, clumps of bamboo, shrubs or bushes, maples (momiji) leaves with the colors, or the Japanese frangipani flowers.

To make the garden as natural as possible is usually the stones are arranged in such a way to make it look like stone mountains or on an arranged to resemble a beautiful rock waterfall. To add a natural feel to the pool is usually added lotus flowers are also beautiful as decoration and koi fish colors to make the garden look more alive. You can also add a small wooden bridge over a pond of Japanese so it makes it look like a pretty little stream.

Another important decoration is lighting a lantern light. In addition there is also a garden divider bamboo or wooden fences. For those of you who prefer the natural atmosphere, can build a fence bamboo grove plant life such as fence rows. In this way the atmosphere will be looking fresh and not rigid.


Tuttle Publishing Japanese Stone Gardens: Origins, Meaning, Form
Book (Tuttle Publishing)

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