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I haven’t been to Japan yet, so I’ve never seen an authentic Japanese garden. But I have seen Japanese-style gardens in other parts of the world – including New Zealand – and I seriously covet one. I wouldn’t want to turn my entire property into a Japanese garden, but there are areas which would lend themselves to the creation of a piece of “nature in miniature”.

Happily, the beauty of this garden style is that you can achieve the look in a 10m² space – possibly even less.

I recently watched a YouTube video of someone purporting to turn his tiny roof terrace into a Japanese garden in three minutes – and while the end result was completely awful, it did demonstrate how simple some of the elements of these types of gardens are.


The Japanese garden is all about trying to create a perfect piece of nature in a miniature version, so lines are curving and organic, stone and wood is left to weather, and objects are placed in odd numbers.

And because everything in the garden should be appropriate to the location, eco-sourcing of both hard landscaping materials and plants is important.

Simplicity is revered, so Japanese gardens are never fussy, which no doubt is one of the reasons they’re so tranquil.

And because there is no symmetry in nature, they are asymmetric. Having spirit levels in my eyes and a built-in symmetry detector, I’d normally have a problem with that, but in this instance it doesn’t seem to matter.

There’s always a balance in a Japanese garden design – between hard and soft, vertical and horizontal, wet and dry, objects and emptiness, high and low. There should also be a balance in terms of size – in small gardens the elements within must be small and in big spaces, items must be larger.

Perhaps the most challenging concept in Japanese garden design is that empty space is as much a feature as a stone or a plant. Just one stone too many can ruin the whole thing.

Source: www.nzwomansweekly.co.nz

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Fellow Forum Members ... lend me your ears ...

today our community has been attacked by unwitting newbies, trolls and subversive back-stabbers.
This thread is dedicated to those of us who have made this forum our home, studio, arts school, corner pub and venue to share the good, bad and ugly in our lives ...
My creative outlets have been my art (chalk pastels) ... my design and handcrafted handbags and my photography. It has also been where I have discussed, and shared photos of my pets, family and garden.
I have enjoyed it when you have given us a peek into your world as well ...

Basement apartment/studio

This basement apartment was featured on a tv program last week and I thought I'd share it with anyone interested. I love the solutions provided for basement living style (especially the indoor garden!).
A-Cero is the name of the architects/designers. They're from Madrid. I'm not affliated with them in any way - just a new fan of their work. The following link has more pics than info but those of you who are keen to interior design will get the concepts.

The Warmth and Comfort of an Outdoor Fireplace  — Columbiametro
A brick circular wall 18 to 24 inches tall with four- to five-inch pebbles in the bottom of the circle can suffice as a fire pit. If there is already an .. Make sure the design is sound and is in harmony with the style of the house and garden.

Innovations in concert stage designs change relationship between fan and star  — New York Daily News
Three-quarters of the way into Timberlake's ongoing “20/20 Experience” tour (which returns to Madison Square Garden Feb. 19 and 20), the star and his band mount a bridgelike structure that begins to “float” over the heads of ..

My space: Abigail Ahern, interior designer  — Telegraph.co.uk
Sitting in here, you feel like you can touch the garden.

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  • Avatar Tony E I need an environmentally designed house. can somebody share japanese house designs?
    Oct 15, 2007 by Tony E | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    In manila the weather is so hot during summer. is there any design to solve the heat ?

    • The ideal house design in the phils should be something that maximizes the air flow within the interior of the room and minimizes the sun exposures. This means that there should be less partitions within the room and a l …ns that can either be removed/folded. It has a wide eaves and high pitch roofing. The materials that are used in a japanese house is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally adaptable for a tropical climate.