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Buckden TrellisAnthony de Grey Trellises enhance any garden providing screening, partitioning into ‘rooms’, and boundaries, as well as transforming any roof-garden, patio or terrace. The company has been committed to bringing the best ideas in design to the discerning gardener for over 20 years and new products are introduced on a regular basis, all of which are included in our colour brochure and/or website.

All our Trellis is made to measure to fit your garden, so there will be no odd sized panels at the end of a run. It is painted with the Sadolin Superdec range of colours so you can choose your own unique style to personalise your outdoor space.

If you would like us to visit and give you ideas for including our products in your garden please get in touch to organise a convenient appointment.Abbot Trellis Range of your outdoor space and initial consultations in the London area are free of charge.


Our basic design combines particularly well with other ranges. Lattices can be mixed and matched to good effect. All panels available in diamonds or squares. … Continue reading →

Merton TrellisGentle gothic arches, softer than their Brampton cousins, which are ideal for smaller areas. All panels available in diamonds or squares. All panels rise or fall by 525mm/1'8½". … Continue reading →

The Camer range offers gentle curves for an elegant look, especially useful for changing levels, and long runs. Panels F + G further extend design options. All panels available in diamonds or … Continue reading →

A beguiling style of arch with a Middle-Eastern look, whose influence can be seen from India right across to Spain. All panels available in diamonds or squares. All panels rise or fall by 762mm/2'6". … Continue reading →

Ripton Trellis Range Camer Trellis Brampton Trellis Watton Trellis Range


Achla Designs Spiral Trellis
Lawn & Patio (Minuteman International - ACHLA Designs)
  • 8-inch diameter by 42-inch h
  • Black powder coated
  • Wrought iron
  • Ships intact
  • Coordinates with all trellises

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Some companies are landscape companies. Most do minimal design work, are just in it for the money, will ignore soil health, not be in touch with a plant's unique needs, and will come by and just plop down shrubs and give ya a bill.
Other companies are more like personal, garden design companies that actually care and consider what they're doing to be creative, artful, etc. Again, many of these companies will not know what they're doing, I've found.
Personally I'd go with anything *but* a landscape company, but either 'types' of companies have their drawbacks

The Warmth and Comfort of an Outdoor Fireplace  — Columbiametro
A brick circular wall 18 to 24 inches tall with four- to five-inch pebbles in the bottom of the circle can suffice as a fire pit. If there is already an .. Make sure the design is sound and is in harmony with the style of the house and garden.

Innovations in concert stage designs change relationship between fan and star  — New York Daily News
Three-quarters of the way into Timberlake's ongoing “20/20 Experience” tour (which returns to Madison Square Garden Feb. 19 and 20), the star and his band mount a bridgelike structure that begins to “float” over the heads of ..

Cool Springs Press Trellises, Planters & Raised Beds: 50 Easy, Unique, and Useful Projects You Can Make with Common Tools and Materials
Book (Cool Springs Press)

My space: Abigail Ahern, interior designer  —
Sitting in here, you feel like you can touch the garden.

Garden Trellis for Cucumbers and …
Garden Trellis for Cucumbers and …
vegetable garden trellis designs and …
vegetable garden trellis designs and …
Achla Designs Fleur-de-lis Topiary, 58-Inch H
Lawn & Patio (Minuteman International - ACHLA Designs)
  • Measures 58-inch h
  • Black powder coated
  • Wrought iron
  • Ships intact
  • Part of the fleur-de-lis coordinating set
Storey Publishing, LLC Making Bentwood Trellises, Arbors, Gates & Fences (Rustic Home Series)
Book (Storey Publishing, LLC)

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  • Avatar emmliss Anyone know where i can look at garden brick walls?
    May 17, 2009 by emmliss | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    Im having a brick wall in my front garden and want some ideas of design,i have tried to search the internet but its comming up with silly things.thanks
    thanks for the link but no its not what i want im after some photos to actually look at.
    no that link no good,what im actually looking for is photos of garden walls to get some idea of how to have to top

    • Not to sure as to what you are actually looking for..this link might help you.