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Yellow stock brick front garden wallServiceteam build garden walls in London, we construct external brickwalls, brick walls and walls for metal railings. We also repair garden walls. If you need an experienced bricklayer anywhere in London - North, South, East or West London, give us a call on 0800 599 9750.

A well built garden wall enhances any garden. It can not only look good, it can also suppport a greenhouse, retain a soil bank, form an edge or division for a garden or lawn, house a barbeque, hold up a raised planting bed, enclose a rubbish bin or surround a compost heap. A brick wall can provide a level site for creating a patio, enclose garden gates and provide privacy from nosy neighbours!

Building a garden wall can be a difficult and time consuming. The key to a straight, solid and safe garden brick wall is the foundation.Rendered front wall om. We can take the guesswork, hassle and hardwork out of building a brick wall for your garden. We only use trained, skilled, professional bricklayers with a minimum of 3 years experience. That way you can be sure that your brick wall will not only look good - but last for a long time.

Repaired brick wall with reclaimed bricks

Front garden walls for railings

We build exterior brick garden walls for a myriad of purposes. You may need a garden wall built to support Victorian wrought iron railings. There are hundreds of types of brick to construct a wall from. They range from the very cheap - such as engineered house bricks to the expensive - such as reclaimed yellow stocks.

Building and rendering a garden wall

Curved wall surrounding gardenWe can also render any external wall to give a smooth finish. Render can be painted any colour and as the bricks underneath won't be seen, cheaper engineering bricks can be used to build the wall itself.

Reclaimed bricks and repairing brick walls

Sometimes you don't want a new garden wall. You just want your old brick wall repaired. This is where matching your old bricks is key. We can match and supply most bricks and then repair your wall to make it look as good as new - or not as the case may be! From hand-made reclaimed bricks, reclaimed Victorian bricks, reclaimed stock bricks, wire cut bricks to Victorian paving bricks, pressed clay bricks and yellow stock bricks.

Brick walls as boundaries

We can build pretty much any type of brick wall from any type of brick. Even difficult patterns and curved edges. A brick wall surrounding a raised lawn looks fantastic, providing the finishing touch to a beautifully Landscaped garden.


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    • Not to sure as to what you are actually looking for..this link might help you.