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Circular Flower Bed, Better

“pe by Gardens by Gabriel; Fire Bowl and Water Feature by Wells Concrete Works; Radial bench by TM Lewis Construction”

“Hi Gardens by Gabriel, thanks for letting me know... my post somehow got redirected! By the way, I love your work!”

“@dig your garden landscape. I think you were trying to refer to a different garden. Just carex and a Beaucarnea here :)”

“around the circular bubbler .. a millstone fountain .. great idea”

“Circular bubbler is a millstone fountain”

“A circular bubbler looks right at home in a bed that’s artfully curved and planted with textural grasses. For small enclosures designed for entertaining, a millstone fountain can set the stage for relaxed, intimate gatherings.”


Martingale Knitting Circles around Mittens and More: Creative Projects on Circular Needles
Book (Martingale)
  • MG-80607
  • 9781604680607
  • Brand New Item / Unopened Product
  • Martingale

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I have a 500 watt continuous 1000 watt peak

Inverter from "Sams Club". It works great in the car to run a lap top etc. 500 watts should give me a solid 4 amps continuous and 8 amps peak. My hedge trimmer which claims on the label it needs 2.6 amps, is well within this, but seems to run weak (I connect to the garden tractor battery, with the tractor running).
I suspect tools run weak because the inverter output is a modified sine wave, kind of half way between a sine wave and a square wave. I have noticed other power tools are functional, but seem to run a bit weak for some reason. I have run drills, reciprocating saws, and the hedge trimmer on the inverter

The Warmth and Comfort of an Outdoor Fireplace  — Columbiametro
A brick circular wall 18 to 24 inches tall with four- to five-inch pebbles in the bottom of the circle can suffice as a fire pit. If there is already an .. Make sure the design is sound and is in harmony with the style of the house and garden.

Innovations in concert stage designs change relationship between fan and star  — New York Daily News
Three-quarters of the way into Timberlake's ongoing “20/20 Experience” tour (which returns to Madison Square Garden Feb. 19 and 20), the star and his band mount a bridgelike structure that begins to “float” over the heads of ..

Sunset Vista Designs Sunset Vista Designs Enchanted Garden Collection Froggy Sculpture
Lawn & Patio (Sunset Vista Designs)
  • Unique sculpture has a circular metal body
  • Frog has a dragonfly and flower accents
  • Frog is 19 x 13
  • Fun frog feet
  • Makes a delightful decorative addition to your home - and a great gift

My space: Abigail Ahern, interior designer  —
Sitting in here, you feel like you can touch the garden.

Celestial Wind Chime with Circular Design--Garden-
Single Detail Page Misc ()
Dover Publications Circular Stained Glass Pattern Book: 60 Full-Page Designs (Dover Stained Glass Instruction)
Book (Dover Publications)
Fiskars Garden Fiskars 8936 PowerGear Pruner, by pass
Lawn & Patio (Fiskars Garden)
  • Bypass blade design is ideal for pruning green, living growth like ornamental shrubs and trees
  • Winner of the arthritis foundation ease-of-use commendation for a design that s easy-to-use for people limited by arthritis
  • Patented powergear non-circular gearing technology multiplies leverage to make cutting up to three times easier than single-pivot tools
  • Razor-sharp, precision-ground blade cuts with less resistance than thicker blades, resist rust and stay sharp for lasting value
  • Ergonomically curved handle fits the natural motion of the hand comfortably

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  • Avatar bede3315 Anyone have pictures of a fall design I can do in front of my house?
    Nov 14, 2009 by bede3315 | Posted in Other - Home & Garden

    I have a circular garden area that I have perennials in the summer. It has medium sized rocks surrounding it. I need a fall design that uses such things as hail bills, corn stalks, scarecrow, etc. Does anyone have a picture of a good display of these for in front of my house?

    • That out. Good luck =]