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Blacksmith Shop

Village Blacksmith 6

Bolton, Massachusetts, c. 1810
Moved to OSV, 1957

Blacksmith Moses Wilder owned land that adjoined a stone quarry operated by his wife’s cousins in Bolton, Massachusetts. Wilder built the Blacksmith Shop using some 400 granite stones from the quarry to form the walls. He was able to maintain a prosperous business making and repairing tools used in the neighboring quarry. His son, Abraham, later took over the business.

Neighborhood blacksmiths undertook several different kinds of work in rural New England, and most towns had several blacksmiths. Some specialized in producing edge tools or machinery. Others shoed horses or turned to wheelwrighting and repairing vehicles. Many did general work, repairing manufactured and imported tools, shoeing horses and oxen, and making many of the smaller items needed in the community.


VILLAGE BLACKSMITH V & B Manufacturing Handy 2lb Mattock Tiller (85231)
  • 2 lb ductile iron head
  • 2-1/4 W mattock blade and three 5 sturdy tines
  • 36 hickory wood handle
  • Designed for light maintenance work for both the home and professional
  • Use the tines for shallow digging and clearing of weeds and debris

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Maintenance: Raised bed gardens aren't maintenance free. Over time, even the best lumber breaks down from the elements. Insect damaged, sun, wind and water will eventually crack and rot the lumber.
Chemicals: One solution to the weathering problem is to use pressure-treated lumber

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Cover strawberry plants with a mulch about 3-4 inches thick if plants are prone to winter injury. Wait to prune fruit trees until late February or March. Christmas gift ideas for the gardener might include tools, garden books and magazine subscriptions.

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Makita Corporation manufactures and sells a range of electric power tools worldwide. It is also involved in the production and sale of stationary woodworking machines, air tools, garden tools, and household tools.

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  • Avatar Brittany What are the colonial and territorial days of texas?
    Nov 08, 2008 by Brittany | Posted in History

    Anyone know any articles on this? I need help. I also need help on settlement! Thanks in advance
    Thankyou! Very helpfull c:

    • Read up more on it here... here is this as well...Everyday Pioneer Life in Texas 1822-1830, Leading Up to the Alamo
      PIONEER SETTLERS DEPENDED ON HUNTING AND FARMING TO SUPPLY THEIR NEEDS BEFORE VESSELS CAME REGUL …f sufficient they could make everything they needed and grow their own food. Poor families or those who lived away from the settlements continued to live like pioneers even after stores opened at San Felipe and Brazoria.