Three Unique Garden Tools Reviewed

Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator In UseThere was a little old man that lived up the street from me where I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana. I called him Mr. Grouchy Pants. All we kids were afraid of him because he would catch us playing “Army” in his back garden and chase us off his property yelling like a madman and waving this big metal rod like a weapon. I would have nightmares that I was Peter Rabbit and he was Mr. McGregor. In my dreams Mr. Grouchy Pants would trap me in his giant watering can. Years later I learned that the big metal rod was a do-all gardening tool he invented.Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator nery little girls and boys. As gardeners, we soon discover that the most common tools sold are not necessarily the best tools for the jobs. Sometimes we have to make our own or go searching for an creative solution. Below are reviews of three very interesting garden tools that are unique and provide awesome solutions in the garden.

Cool Garden Tools Reviewed

The Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator – One of my favorite tools ever is the Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator. Cobrahead is the strongest tempered steel blade “finger” you will ever use in the garden and truly acts as an extension of your arm.Trake Garden Tool for getting under a weed with a tap root and popping it out or for using it as an edger along flagstone. I never lose it because the blue handle is easy to spot in the garden and it helps in all kinds of tough jobs – like weeding cactus (top photo). Each Cobrahead is made of a recycled composite material.

Trake - Another strong tool with unique features is the Trake, named for the rakish three tined prong on one side of the tool. There is a measured narrow trowel on the other side of the handle, which is fabulous for bulb and container planting. The three tined prong is super strong, works well to weed, and creates troughs in soil for seeds or plants. Lightweight aluminum makes the tool easy to maneuver, plus it has a vinyl wrap around the handle to help you grip the tool well.


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I recommend a Felco or Corona bypass pruner and a small turbo-cut arborist's saw. Felco is the highest quality brand and offers many types to fit your hand; Corona is the next best. The blades are sharpenable and replaceable. Corona makes an excellent long-handled by-pass lopper.
The turbo-cut saw is flat-bladed, sharpened on both sides, often folds down into it's handle and cuts a thin, straight line like butter through wood. Always use a saw for cutting soft wood on trees or cuts larger than an inch or any time your hand pruner is not making the cut easily. It's great for roses and woody shrubs as well

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Makita Corporation manufactures and sells a range of electric power tools worldwide. It is also involved in the production and sale of stationary woodworking machines, air tools, garden tools, and household tools.

Gardening Tool Sets
Gardening Tool Sets
Trake garden tool
Trake garden tool
The Buckhoe Gardening Tool 2
The Buckhoe Gardening Tool 2

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  • Avatar wayhenry Gardening tools recommendations?
    May 14, 2008 by wayhenry | Posted in Other - Home & Garden


    I'm doing a research on gardening tools, can you recommend any gardening tool brands that have

    a. Good quality
    b. Nice/unique/interesting design

    thanks for answering my question!

    • Ames is the best