Gardening Tools: Garden Tool Maintenance

Keeping your gardening tools clean will extend the life of your tools and prevent bacteria, weeds and help control insects and pests from spreading in your garden, lawn, and flower beds. Dirt and dirty caked on mud is like a carrier that transports weed seeds, insect eggs, and fungi everytime it comes in contact with with soil and plants. Your tools should be cleaned everytime they are used.

The moisture in wet mud also contributes to rust accumulating on the heads of garden tools, if left to dry over any length of time, the rust will eventually mar and pit the finish of the metal of your gardening tools. A smooth, polished metal will slide through soil and make your digging cuts easier. Bring in your tools and put them away every time they are used to extend the life of your gardening tools.

A gardener needs to work out his own system for garden tool maintenance methods and types of products to use. On researching information for this article I have tried to furnish different views. There is no cut and dried methods for accompolishing these tasks. one seems to agree upon is that — “Gardening Tools need to be cleaned, sterilized, sharpened, oiled and wood handles coated for weatherproofing every year or more often if a tool has frequent use”.

Cleaning Garden Tools

Now that winter is around the corner, you should have time to clean and get all of your gardening tools in good working order and organized for next spring.

Get all those spades, digging shovels and forks, hoes, trowels, hand tools, rakes weeding tools, in fact any garden tool that comes in contact with soil, needs to be hosed off. Use a steel wire brush for those tough caked on clods that have adhered to your tools. Steel wool works great to remove any accumulation of rust build up on the metal heads. sture off by wiping your tools down with soft rags and make sure that your garden tools are good and dry.

Now it’ time to clean all your pruning and cutting tools. Round up those bypass and avil pruners, loppers, shears, edgers, saws, garden knives, scissors, and all other cutting tools.


Corona Clipper Corona AC 8300 Sharpening Tool
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I got a double-sided (fine & coarse) sharpening stone from my local large Asian grocery store, which carrys a bunch of basic household items as well. It is about 1-1/2" x 6" & cost ~ $5.99. Smaller stones go for #20+ at a well stocked garden center...
With a little bit of salad oil, I sharpen all my kitchen knives & cleavers, all my gardening tools -- shovels, lawn mower blades, etc for myself, friends & neighbors.
My previous stone lasted about 30+ years before the groves became too deep.
The stone is even better than a file.

Opinion: Unfortunate Realities  —
Nobody wants to win a title fight under lousy circumstances, but that is exactly how Chris Weidman defended the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight crown at UFC 168 on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Lowdown on some tools for gardening  — Tribune-Review
It seems that disposable convenience has superseded sturdy construction, making well-made tools hard to come by. However, it is still possible to find quality gardening tools that will last for generations — if you know what to look for.

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Sharpening Gardening Tools
Sharpening Gardening Tools
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How to Sharpen Garden Tools : …
Lansky Lansky Lawn & Garden Multi Purpose Sharpener
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  • A must have for gas powered and electric tillers and lawnmowers
  • Sharp blades mean less wear on your machine and yourself
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  • Can also be used to sharpen a wide range of bladed shop tools and lawn and garden tools
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