How to design a rock garden

rock gardenLive somewhere dry? Want to save water? Just want to mix it up a little in the garden? Have you considered installing a rock garden? Rock gardens can make great DIY projects to spruce up the garden whether you want to change the look and feel or prepare your home for sale and give it a fresher look to appeal to potential buyers.

Let's get one thing straight: Rock gardens are far from boring, contrary to popular belief. They can include a variety of plants and design elements including rocks of different colors, shapes and sizes, along with garden art. Rock gardens pair beautifully with fish ponds, bird baths, stone and ceramic planters, and similar garden features, and they can make a fantastic transition from the deck or patio to the larger garden, or between parts of a garden. They're also perfect for gardening on slopes, because they tend to take well to terracing and other vertical landscaping tricks.

From large to small, rock gardens obviously revolve around the inclusion of a rock underlayer, using porous rocks that hold water well while allowing it to drain. In addition, the rocks create part of the landscaping, serving as their own garden features in the midst of plants that can include succulents, trailing or creeping groundcover, upright flowers and low shrubs. One of the big advantages to a rock garden is the low maintenance: The underlayer helps to keep weeds down, and the garden should need watering only about once a week because the rocks will help hold water.

Not only that, but covering an area that's difficult to mow and maintain with a rock garden will make your life a lot easier. Plus, it can help your garden look better and it can provide a fantastic transitional space with a gazebo or another central feature to appeal to visitors. It's a win-win for everyone, including the plants.

You'll need to start by establishing the base layer of the rock garden, which should include a mound starting with sand and pebbles for drainage, with soil over it. You can sculpt the mound however you want to add texture and visual interest, but remember that you will need to reinforce the sides to prevent collapses, and if you plan to add one or more terraces or raised areas, those will need to be supported too. You can use concrete masonry units, bricks and rocks for reinforcement, although particularly high mounds will need higher concrete retaining walls.


Oxmoor House Sunset Landscaping with Stone: Natural-Looking Paths, Steps, Walls, Water Features, and Rock Gardens
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Design quality matters most

Just laying down concrete will look like crap and turn off a lot of people, even those who might prefer that for their lifestyle for the same reasons.
Really excellent landscapers, who are harder to find and employ than most think, can make any kind of design requirements into a beautiful space. Making hardscapes work is a big part of water saving in normal gardens. Get someone good to put in nice patters of rock and brick justaposed and set up so that mosses will grow and it will be an improvement. Keep your mind open, get multiple designs, and don't skimp on the costs.

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Mini Rock Garden
How to Design a Rock Garden
How to Design a Rock Garden
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