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When setting forth to perform a specific gardening task, sometimes you may need guidance with choosing the correct gardening tools needed to complete the job. Some gardening tools may appear very similar to one another, such as shovels and spades; however, each gardening tool has a very specific function. Continue reading this article to learn how you can tell which gardening tools you need to complete the gardening tasks of your choice.


  1. Dig into the ground and into plant beds using a shovel. A shovel will dig and remove soil or sand from the ground to prepare for plants and crops, and will also help you remove vegetation from the ground after it has been planted.
  2. Use a spade for tasks that require you to cut into the ground. A shovel and spade may look similar in appearance; however, a spade has a straighter and sharper head that allows you to cut underneath heavy sod or even into sidewalk ice.
  3. Smooth out soil and mulch using a garden rake. A garden rake has strong aluminum or steel tines that will break up lumps of dirt and evenly distribute small stones and pebbles across the surface of a garden.
    • Turn the garden rake over so the tines are facing upward, then use the tool to level out the soil so you can effectively plant seeds and other types of vegetation.
  4. Use a leaf rake or lawn rake to remove loose debris from your garden. The tines of a leaf rake are lightweight and made from a flexible material such as plastic, rubber, or bamboo, and can help compile leaves, twigs, and other light debris in your garden.
  5. Aerate your soil using a garden fork. A garden fork looks like an enlarged version of a kitchen fork, and can be used to turn and aerate clay in addition to soil. This tool is also strong enough to work fertilizer and other matter into your soil.
  6. Remove weeds using a garden hoe or hand weeder. These tools will allow you to cut weeds carefully out of the ground, especially those that are close to your plants.
  7. Plant seeds with the aid of a trowel. A trowel resembles a small hand shovel, and is ideal for creating small holes that seeds can be placed into.
    • Remove shallow breeds of weeds using a trowel instead of a hoe or hand weeder to avoid digging deeper than necessary and disrupting the soil around your plants.
  8. Loosen and prepare soil in large gardens using a tiller. A tiller is a high-powered tool that loosely resembles a lawn mower, but is used to prepare the ground for gardening in large-scale areas.
    • Use a tiller if you are planting rows of crops or vegetation that cover a wide expanse of area.
  9. Choose watering tools based on the size of your plants or garden. Small gardens or potted plants can be watered with a watering can; whereas large gardens or yards will require the use of a watering hose, watering wand, or a sprinkler.
  10. 10

    Move large quantities of matter or large plants using a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow can be used to transport soil, mulch, compost, large plants, and other gardening matter from one location to another within your garden.


Source: www.wikihow.com

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That's where i got some of my garden tools, etc. to start, anyway. a rake, hoe, shovel, clippers. just scour the free ads regularly. :)
does your backyard get full sun, or close to it, for veggies? (wish mine did! :) )
rhodies, azalea's, euphorbia, and hydrangea are bushes that should do quite well where you are. (i'm in seattle)
clematis, wisteria, passion flower vines might work well for you if you have trellis's, etc.
decide colors you like, and combinations of colors - then you can do a search on "google" for say "pink flowers" or "blue flowers". some plant and seed sellers have websites where you can search by colors, annuals or perennials, etc

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