I guess you could say this post is about professional gardening tools since I am a professional gardener. But lets call it a post of gardening tools for herb gardening beginners. I like to keep life simple. So no fancy tools here. Just good quality tools.

My gardening tools.

  • Spade – For garden prep and keeping the soil turned over. Planting and transplanting large plants. Get a long handled spade and save your back.
  • Fork – Especially great for cleaning up debris like piles of weeds. A fork is also used to carefully lift plants from the ground when you want to make sure you do not damage the roots. You can also use a fork to cultivate around your plants.
  • Garden Rake- The divided teeth of a garden rake are perfect for grooming your soil once you have turned it over. Makes rocks and sticks easy to gather up.
  • Narrow shovel – For digging up plants to divide and transplant them.
  • Small clean up rake- I us a small plastic rake to clean up in my beds, especially after pruning and weeding. The rake is not harsh on plants.
  • Large broom rake – This is also called a leaf rake. Use to gather leaves or weed into piles.
  • Hand trowel - A good sturdy hand trowel is perfect for planting new plants and digging weeds.
  • Hand rake – Perfect for cultivating around plants that are tightly spaced.
  • Pruners – Don’t skip here! a good set of hand pruners are a must. A good set fits in your hand and they are easy to use. I like to buy them in bright colors so I can see them if I have laid them down. My workers wear holsters. track of your pruners.
  • Watering wand- I love my water wand. Partly because I am always in a hurry to get my own watering done before I leave for work. The wand puts down a lot of water fast with out damaging the plants.

If you can afford to invest in a small tiller, do it. It saves a lot of hard work. We have a little light weight Honda tiller. It is so light and easy to use, I can even run it. Oops, I guess you can call this a fancy tool.

Kids love to help so make sure you have a set of childrens gardening tools on hand.

I can’t stress how important is is to buy good tools. They make your work easier and can last a life time.

Source: ezherbgardening.com

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It seems that disposable convenience has superseded sturdy construction, making well-made tools hard to come by. However, it is still possible to find quality gardening tools that will last for generations — if you know what to look for.

Choosing Quality Gardening Tools
Choosing Quality Gardening Tools
Gardena: Quality Garden Tools
Gardena: Quality Garden Tools
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