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Gardening tools are essentially tools designed to help the leisure and full-time gardener in the quest of owning a landscaped or simply, a well-maintained ‘fairy-tale' garden. It is important to understand that a garden tool is different from the range of tools that agriculturists and horticulturists use. They are either hand manuevered tools or power tools made to handle home-based garden requirements. Among the hand tools are the good old spade, the hoe, fork and mini-plough. While the hand tools used by earliest implements used by man were made of wood, flint and bone, the ones available today are made of metal and wood and plastic.

There are shears and secateurs that are hand and electricity or tool battery empowered that flaunt designs that are very versatile and more durable. The first power tool that every gardener invests in is the efficient lawn mower. The wide range of power tools include hedge trimmers, cultivators, mini tractors, sprinklers, weeders and aerators and leaf blowers and sweepers. The electronic soil tester is a multi functional garden tool that enables you to measure the pH level, the moisture and sunlight absorbing capacity of the soil and the fertilizer levels! Your compost pile can be added to with the help of the simple design of the leaf scoop, while the nitrile gloves now available enable you to protect your hands as you work and yet feel all the components or material thoroughly.

The wearable gardening stool enables you to walk around the garden and squat whenever you need to. The stool is worn around the waist and is very useful, especially in the case of elderly and retired people indulging in gardening. The weeders available no more require you to bend down and strain your back. You can identify and remove the troublesome weeds standing straight. It is interesting to note that this implement is a make-over design from what early man used left paintings and drawings of, in caves! The versatile trowel-rake-hoe-saw all-in-one ergonomic garden tool set is perfect for the novice and the involved gardener.

The metal, wood and plastic gardening tools are now marketed within specially designed bags that hold the long and short handle tools well and are a great stroage option. The garden carts enable you to easily maneuver raked debris and the tools around the garde. Most of the carts can be folded and stacked away for further use and can be hosed clean and dried prior to stacking. The garden kneeling pad enables the earnest gardener to kneel and work, wherever and whenever needed, without having to worry about soiling clothes or hurting the knees. The range of basic tools such as the weeder, knife, chain saw and tester come in a variety of options and storage facilities.


Radius Garden Radius Garden 203 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Digging Fork
Lawn & Patio (Radius Garden)
  • Four times the gripping surface of conventional tools, with room for both hands
  • Unbreakable resin-encased steel shaft
  • Unique stainless steel blade design
  • Seamless, extra-long socket
  • Professional quality with a lifetime guarantee; Dimensions: 7.5 by 4.0 by 42.9 inches (width by depth by heigth)

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Fiberglass handled garden tools Warming Tray

Compost bin, all of the dirt you can scavenge which you will amend with your compost, all of the large containers you can get your hands on 5 gallons being pretty much the minimum size and these require very careful watering; 55 gallon drums cut in half are excellent, broken glass especially broken tempered glass for drainage material in the bottom of the containers on top of a piece of burlap from a coffee bean bag to prevent loss through drain holes which you must have. Branches and plastic to make cloches over your new seedlings in the spring especially tomatoes and peppers, a watering system timer and drip irrigation materials from home depot and good hoses and a brass...

What to watch for

When out in the woods beside the plants and scary men with guns:
* Vehicles and people in unusual locations, at odd hours, or dropping off or picking up people in remote areas
* A vehicle or person with an unusual supply of camping equipment or other items such as fertilizer, PVC pipe, irrigation hoses, small plastic planters, propane tanks, tents or tarps and gardening tools
* Fish kills in streams or large amounts of garbage in a remote area with empty bags of fertilizer or other chemicals, piping, plastic planters, and camping equipment
* People in remote areas starting to landscape or clearing land
* Foot paths or trails that seem heavily used in non-traditional hiking or trail areas

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Applicable Pun Garden Instruments #3 - Pitchfork Hay Farming Tool - 5" Black Vinyl Decal Sticker Car Macbook Laptop
Single Detail Page Misc (Applicable Pun)
  • 6 year Outdoor Durability rated vinyl
  • High gloss Surface
  • Multi-surface application material
  • Can be applied to car windows!
amscan - kitchen Grasslands Road 5-1/2-Inch Winter Wonder Pitchfork and Shovel Garden Tool Holly Leaf Ornaments, Set of 12
Home (amscan - kitchen)
  • Wood, metal, petite twine hanger
  • Embellished with raffia, faux holly berries and holly leaves
  • 5-1/2 by 3-inch
  • 6 Each of 2 styles
  • See our coordinating grasslands road holiday items, large garden tool ornaments to match
Illinois Industrial Tools 4 Tine Pitchfork - Non-Splinter Fiberglass Shaft
Lawn & Patio (Illinois Industrial Tools)
  • Essential farm and ranch tool with lots of uses for home, garden and work - great for composting!
  • Traditional 12 L tines, 7 W fork with 2 spacing; tapered blunt point for safer, easier insertion
  • Non-splinter, non-rotting fiberglass shaft for extra durability; easy to clean
  • Ergonomically-angled D-handle gives more-natural wrist position; soft comfort-grip hand-hold
  • 3/16 tempered steel tines, anti-corrosion, non-stick powder coat finish; 40 LOA, 4 lbs

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  • Avatar Firzanah What is th common gardening tools used in houses like HDB?
    Jun 18, 2012 by Firzanah | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I'm doing some research and i would like to know what is the common gardening tools that is often use in like HDB houses since it is flat and is small. Please help me... :(

    • Hoe (tool), Pitchfork, Spade even you may go for wall pocket planter