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Looking for ideas on how to make your perfect miniature garden? We've included a number of ideas and examples to help get you started.

If you'd like to share your own ideas and gardens, please send a note to Kathryn at

A tiny miniature garden inside a clear plastic ornament is an exercise in patience! Just like a regular terrarium, has a little gravel in the bottom then a few spoonfuls of potting soil. The baby tears are growing happily and the dark green leaves in the background are boxwood cuttings. Once the baby tears gets big, the boxwood will come out. Each little accessory is attached (glued) to a short stake to keep it in place.miniature garden example row.

A little tabletop Christmas garden. The square planter is just big enough to hold the sleigh and four reindeer. After the holidays, it can be removed and replaced with a garden bench for spring. Red embroidery floss is used to make the reins and miniature Christmas lights decorate the tree.

miniature garden exampleMiniature faux evergreen roping is a versatile Christmas decorating accessory. Here we used it to cover the top of the bucket and hide the foam inside that holds the candy canes. When hanging the roping as garland along a fence, be sure to make the loops of equal length for the prettiest effect.

Sometimes it's okay to go faux. The succulents in this little garden are all plastic! If an artificial botanical does justice to the real thing, it can be a wonderful tool. If it looks fake, then the magic of the garden disappears and the artificial plants become a distraction. Notice how the sand is piled up in places, giving the beach a more natural look.

miniature garden example

Hanging miniature Christmas lights across the back of the garden gives it a festive look and visually ties it together. The posts are at two different heights to match the casual scene and to help balance the asymetrical design. Santa's boots are just a pair of green work boots, blackened with a Sharpie marker.

Sometimes subtle is nice. This little fairy garden has a few red accessories that create a holiday feel when combined with the greens of the garden.

Boxwood sprigs are entwined in the arbor. A cutting from my spruce tree outside makes a nice little evergreen to fill in the space on the side. Both the boxwood and the spruce will last for several weeks in the moist soil. Once they begin to drop leaves/needles, they can be replaced with new cuttings or new plants can be planted in the garden. Using cuttings is a good way to temporarily fill in a space in a garden until you can get the plant that you want.

miniature garden example miniature garden example miniature garden example miniature garden example


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Western gardening book. The way to get rid of

It is simple. If you want to control bamboo from spreading you dig a trench around it. About 1 foot deep did it for me.
The roots need to be removed from the soil. If you want you can remove the soil and pay to have tons of it hauled away.
Bamboo is fairly light, a chipper shredder takes care of the plant very well. Looping shears at the ground level works best for me.
The roots are another problem. You need to sharpen these tools very carefully. A Pick Mattock ~ Cutter Mattock ~ Pick Axe. It will cut up the roots and dirt. Make sure the ground is wet! Sharpen a good shovel to very sharp

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  • Avatar joystickhappy How to make a zen garden and where to get the tools step by step?
    Nov 21, 2007 by joystickhappy | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    I would like to make a zen garden but am just a beginer what type of sand do i need where do i find the rocks where can i buy a special rake please tell me.

    • Is a miniature zen garden, but will give you some ideas:
      one is more of a rock garden, but is Zen in its nature:
      suggestion is to pick up a book on Oriental gardens from a local garden center. It will hel …ount stores and hardware stores. The rake you need is a normal garden rake, but there are special ones available as well, those are to be found in garden centers, lumber yards, hardware stores or even in discount stores.