In praise of Lee Valley Tools

20131011_122250Lee Valley Tools is a family-owned business that has been providing woodworking and gardening tools to customers since 1978. They have retail locations throughout Canada.

We quite often stop at the Ottawa location when we are visiting the kids. The store set up is very similar to the old Consumer’s Distributing format (how many of you remember that store?). You get the little clip board and the golf pencil and browse through the catalogs. Unlike the old Consumer’s though, they have great displays of many of their products.

I don’t think you have to be a woodworker or gardener to appreciate the products available through Lee Valley Tools. Their eclectic selection of items appeal to just about anyone.

I just received their 2013 Early Christmas Gift Catalog in the mail and it did not disappoint. The items in this particular edition focus on products suitable for the upcoming holiday season. You can find everything from children’s building blocks to chisels to Swedish Sporks.

What I think makes Lee Valley unique is not only their selection of products but the stories behind them. Included in each item’s description is the product’s specs along with some history if applicable and some suggestions as to what and/or who it is best suited to.

I always take the time to read the descriptions of most of the items in their catalogs because they are informative, sometimes humorous and quite often contain an anecdote that makes you feel like the recommendation for the product is coming from a friend.

The other thing I like about Lee Valley is that they always pay homage to the past. A great example of that is the item featured on


Lee Valley Tools Ltd. A Gardener's Journal: A Ten Year Chronicle of Your Garden
Book (Lee Valley Tools Ltd.)

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Lee Valley - Diamond Shuffle Hoe
Lee Valley - Diamond Shuffle Hoe

Here's some ideas I've seen here

beer of the month club (1 year is very expensive but they have less like 3 months or once a season)
CD certificates
leatherman tool
swiss army knife
CD certificates
a piece of jewelry
I'm on a budget too and I'm not sure what I'm doing for the guys but for the girls I think I'm going to get several half gallon mason jars, maybe blue antique ones, and start a little herb garden in each one.

Various classes are ongoing in the local region  —
ADULT EDUCATION: Pound, Va., Town Hall, Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-8 p.m.

Basalt couple's trip transforms African village  — Aspen Times
Bud and Sandy Mulcahy, who split time between Arlington, Texas, and the Fryingpan Valley, took their first trip to Africa in 2010, at the insistence of their son, Lee. “It was the trip of a lifetime,” Bud Mulcahy said. ..

Lee Valley Tools The Gardeners Kalendar: The Works of Each Month in the English Garden
Book (Lee Valley Tools)

The 3 Ds governing garden gift-giving  — The News Journal
Gardener's Supply sells a deep-seated kneeler ( that cushions your knees while working low; the handles support you getting up. .. Lee Valley Tools and a few other outlets still sell a simple plastic version that comes in two sizes.

How the Farm Pays : The Experiences of Forty Years of Successful Farming and Gardening by the Authors
Book (Lee Valley Tools, Limited)

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  • Avatar Lukas Bryson Does anyone know the best gardening tools to buy?
    Jul 06, 2010 by Lukas Bryson | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Trying to start a halfway decent garden, so is there a particular type of gardening glove that's better than any-old glove? What about a root-puller-upper for weeding? I guess I just don't know what a professional gardener would use as their "hammer and nails" if that makes any sense. Any green-thumbs out there care to share?

    • I keep 1400 sq.ft. of perennial and rose garden, and my top 10 items are these:

      1. My gardening gloves which have breathable tops, are just short of being tight, waterproof rubber on the underside of the f …or large fall cleanup of dead material, and for moving large amounts of peat moss from my garage to my cut-back tender Hybrid Tea roses which I must cover over the winter or they will die (that's western Canada for you).