Indoor Gardening Tools

Or placing new plants;

Indoor gardening tools and plant supplies are essential to cater to the individual needs of your houseplants. These tools are scaled down in size for you to work with smaller plants.

These tools are indispensable for starting and completing all of your gardening tasks.

Proper watering of your plants can be achieved by having the right watering can to get close enough to the center to avoid splashing water on the leaves. This can help prevent plant viruses and diseases.

The right fertilizers for your plants are needed to keep them vibrant and healthy. During the growing phase is when they need extra nutrients the most.

Supplemental grow lights can make up for insufficient light if you do not have the right light exposure.

During winter when you have forced-air heat, dryness can be a big problem. You can solve this problem by controlling the humidity in the house with a mister or humidifier. A humidity tray can help, too, if the plants tend to suffer from dry leaf tips.

Whether it's a terra cotta pot or a decorative ceramic pot, your plant containers must have a hole for drainage. If your pot does not, you can add a layer of gravel to allow the excess water to drain off.

You do this by putting an inch or two of gravel in the bottom of the container before you put in the soil. The gravel will allow the excess water to run through the potting soil and into the rocks instead of staying in the soil and water-logging the plant.

When it comes to maintenance and grooming, you need pruning shears to do the job. Pruning is required to give a uniform appearance to your plant. When pests show up, there are insecticidal soaps and pesticides to quickly destroy them.

The list is endless of all the wonderful products available for you to grow fantastic plants inside. Plus books with recipes and information to enlighted and educate you on the specific needs of plants.


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Interior, I would have a kitchen with large pullout drawers instead of stupid cabinets that require a flashlight to see what is in the back of the cabinet.
A work area in the garage to store all my gardening tools, paint and other necessities.
Oceanfront home office, 12 x 16 walk-in closet w/adequate shelving.
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MasterCraft Master Craft GA1015 6-Piece Indoor Garden Tool Set
Lawn & Patio (MasterCraft)
  • Six piece set organized in a durable blow moded case
  • Ideal for indoor houseplants, container garden, apartment deck plants
  • Sized for those smaller gardening projects
The Rumford Gardener The Rumford Gardener HPC3 Mini Indoor Stainless Steel 3-Piece Garden Tool Set
Lawn & Patio (The Rumford Gardener)
  • Perfectly sized for indoor plants
  • One-piece stainless steel construction
  • 5-year limited warranty
Trademark Tools Stalwart 75-1207 7-in-1 Plant Care Garden Tool Set, Indoor and Outdoor
Home Improvement (Trademark Tools)
  • Leaf and flower trimmer
  • Water spray bottle
  • Branch and twig pruner
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Wood, metal, and plastic construction

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