Hori-Hori and Soil Knife Showdown: Reviews of the Best and the Worst

Best soil knife and hori horiThe humble trowel has taken a backseat in recent years to its sharper competitor, the hori-hori or Japanese soil knife. Because my landscaping employees lose their soil knives more often than I’d like, I’ve had a good excuse to try out all the different brands out there and get a feel for which ones perform the best, are most ergonomic and comfortable, and most importantly, which ones truly last (as long as they aren’t lost in the compost pile).

Because the world of hori-horis is constantly growing, I’ll update this post every time I test a new version.

The Best: Garret Wade Pro Gardener’s Digging Tool

This rugged soil knife has become the top favorite for myself and my landscaping crew. Strangely, I didn’t like the looks of it at first glance.Hori-hori soil knife review (9) d the handle (they call it a “hand guard”) looked like it was going to get in my way. And before I actually tried it, I didn’t care for the wide teeth on the blade as they looked like they’d snag on things and be hard to sharpen.

Boy was I ever wrong. I’m glad I tested it, because from day one, it became one of those tools everyone on the team reached for. I had to fight to get my original back long enough to photograph it.

Hori-hori soil knife review (8) Hori-hori soil knife review (10)

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  • Avatar Rosebud A plant sale sold a mulit-use garden hand tool but sold out quickly. Does anyone have a favorite?
    Oct 08, 2007 by Rosebud | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    This was an unusual looking tool with a claw and had a sharp side to cut also. It was $15.00. I have tried calling the plant sale and they don't remember the name and I have done a internet search with no luck.

    • My favorite is hand held with a claw on one side and a hoe on the other. Then I also use the hand held spay.