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I practically LIVED HERE for the past two months. Ever since I moved into my new house, it's been ENDLESS improvements. Now that (almost) everything is done and over with, and now that I have internet, I can Yelp this place which saved my life.

This house was trashed when we bought it. Foreclosure property so no surprise. A lot of work to be done with the plumbing and paint. Those were the two biggest jobs.

Two months and $3, 000 later, we've added so much more value to the home and it looks amazing.

We only had to call in one outside professional and one favour called in from a friend and now we're down to the smaller details of painting the trim and replacing light fixtures for cosmetic purposes.

Home Depot has made it possible for us to do on our own with a few thousand dollars what normally would have cost well over double.

Paint, supplies, plumbing, wall sealants, drills, saws, plasters, tiles, lighting, outlets, copper pipes and hardware, washer, dryer, hook ups, aluminum vs. foil, etc.

The employees were hard to locate but when we found one, we were taken care of.

Blinds trimmed. Shutters cut. Doors removed. Flooring fixed. Showers installed. Toilets cleaned.

We are close to calling it a done job and feeling that the house is more of a home.

As a kid, I loved coming to Home Depot with my father and learning about all the projects he would do around the house and in the garage on the cars. Aside from this place being just the best for any sort of work you would need to do, the emotional attachment adds a bit to the rating.

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Pretty Tools for fashionable girl

I want to get some designer gardening tools. I don't like the ugly ones they have at Home Depot. What are high end brands equivalent to Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior. Is Smith and Hawkins high end enough or is there something better. Not to seem like a snob but my neighborhood is really nice and I like to garden but don't want to embarass myself without designer tools

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