Garden Tools Every Cottage Gardener Needs

Turning your yard into a relaxing retreat expands your home's living space beyond its walls. A lush landscape of grass, plants, and flowers takes some maintenance work but investing in a lawnmower, fertilizer, wheelbarrow, pruning sheers, rake, and other lawn-care tools and equipment makes gardening easier and less tricky. The wise gardener starts with a small collection of basic tools and builds from there. Stores and catalogs are packed with both familiar and outlandish-looking hand tools. And if that weren’t enough, there are also gas- or electric-powered versions of many tools. Deciding which tools you need takes time, and the ideal collection depends on your gardening style and scope.

Your starter collection will include a fork or spade for digging, a garden rake for smoothing the soil and preparing beds, a hoe for cultivating and weeding, and a trowel for working closely around plants. Pruning tools and a lawnmower round out a basic tool collection. Whenever it’s practical, use hand tools rather than power tools. Power tools are expensive and contribute to air and noise pollution as well as global warming. ow maintenance will reduce your tool needs and increase your enjoyment of the garden.


Tools The first rule of tool buying is to avoid cheap tools at all costs. They are poorly designed and constructed, they don’t do the job well, and they break easily. Also, don’t buy cheap tools for children; they won’t learn to love gardening if the first tools they use don’t work well.lopers rden tools is North American white ash, which is strong, light, and resilient. Hickory is stronger but heavier and is ideal for hammers and other short-handled tools. Examine the lines (rings) in a wooden handle; they should run straight down the entire length of the handle, with no knots. Avoid tools with painted handles; the paint often hides cheap wood. Good-quality tools with fiberglass, metal, and even high-grade plastic handles are also available. The attachment of the metal part of the tool to its handle affects durability.shears ols with solid-socket or solid-strapped construction, forged from a single bar of steel that completely envelops the handle, thus protecting it and adding strength.

Hand Tools Hand tools form the basis for a garden tool collection. If you keep them sharp, good-quality hand tools will make your garden work go quickly and easily. If you have arthritis, back problems, or in general want to avoid excess strain, look for ergonomic garden tools that are designed to require less bending and “elbow grease” to get the job done. Examples are loppers with a ratchet mechanism for easier cutting, trowels and other hand tools with gel-impregnated handles for less stress while gripping, and garden forks made of polypropylene that weigh much less than a standard wood-and-metal fork.

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Bully Tools Bully Tools 92200 Heavy Duty Sidewalk and Ice Chopper with Long Steel Handle
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Have Land, Seeking Gardening Partners

Hello all!
I own and live on a small farm in Kokomo. I have about an acre available for garden and access to about 23 more acres.
I have recently upgraded my diet to include a large amount of "in season" fruits and vegetables. I keep thinking it is silly for me to be paying good money for vegetables of unknown origin when I have access to a perfectly good garden plot and enough area to erect a greenhouse if necessary. Problem is, it is just me here, and gardening is not my forte' - (a better carpenter than farmer).
So if you are green thumb without a piece of dirt to plant it, let me know

The little plants on the porch or in our window

Are pretty much kept up by dh. I don't much have a green thumb, although I try.
Dh did have a wonderful garden, but to be honest, it got to be to much for him (although he would never admit it.) I think that was his compromise...buying planters and growing plants from his rocker on the porch. It works great...I bring him the planter, I bring him a bag of dirt and his fertilizers, his tools...and he is as happy as can be.

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Heavy duty leaf shredder
Heavy duty leaf shredder
Heavy Duty Garden Chipper/Shredder - …
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7x5 Heavy Duty Tool Shed By Atlas Sheds
7x5 Heavy Duty Tool Shed By Atlas Sheds
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Weber Weber Style 6445 Professional-Grade Stainless-Steel 3-Piece Barbeque Tool Set
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  • Avatar nosleep I want to run electric to my garden shed?
    Oct 27, 2006 by nosleep | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I am wondering can i bring elictric from the back of a wall socket in my house and run it to a shed it will power lights and maby a fridge and the ocaisional tool i have started with the wiring in the shed, out side will … right? also if i use small amp feuses (5) in plugs will it make safer. can i use this cable comming from my house to shed maby running trough pipeing. its from a JCB extention lead (heavy duty) any help would be great.

    • You cant run it from the existing ring main (kitchen socket) like you are planning. you will need to run the cable from the main fuse board in your house on its own dedicated (& RCD protected) circuit breaker.
      …br />
      My advice would be to get a professional electrician to do the work, if you do it yourself you'll still need a electrician to check it and certify it afterwards or you will invalidate your house insurance.