Green Thumb 101: The 10 Essential Tools to Get Your Garden Growing

In early spring, there's nothing quite like getting one's hands dirty, planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables to mark the beginning of the season. Even if you're a gardening newbie, your foray into the fields (or onto your fire escape, if you're a city dweller), can be a breeze provided you equip yourself with 10 essential gardening tools.


Before you get down and dirty, you'll want a trusty pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands. Leather gloves are certainly durable, but tend to stiffen and contract when they get wet and then dry out. Gloves made of new composites and man-made leather last longer and offer better protection. from $13.79 with free shipping, a low by $1). You actually get two pairs with this order: a water-, oil-, and slip- resistant pair with high abrasion protection in breathable spandex and synthetic leather, and a second pair of mud gloves.

Pruning Shears

One of the gardening challenges many folks face is not from plants that won't grow, but those that won't stop growing when they reach their ideal size. This is where a good pair of pruning shears will come in handy. Whether you choose bypass shears (which work like scissors) or anvil shears (which have a pinching function) both can cut branches up to 3/4" in diameter. Just look for pruning sheers made with fully hardened steel, which can be resharpened, and a non-stick blade coating. The Fiskars 9124 Professional Bypass Pruners ($19.21 with free shipping, a low by $2) features adjustable blade tension that gives the user increased control over desired cutting force and precision. And since this is 2013, shears also come in left-handed models. The Felco F9 Left Handed 5-1/4" Bypass Pruners ($47.99 with $4.99 s&h, a low by $1) will make a difference for left-handed gardeners!

Lopping Shears

Unlike pruning shears, lopping shears are longer-handled and designed to cut larger branches up to 1 1/4" in diameter. They too come in bypass and anvil configurations, the former featuring a hooked blade to hold the branch in place so it doesn't slip away while being cut. Longer handles increase leverage and make for cleaner cuts, which can make a difference in the health of your plants. The Gilmour 25 AT Gear-Driven Anvil Lopping Shears ($27.99 with free shipping, a low by $13) have a 1 1/4" diameter capacity, use gears to triple the force of the cut, and have telescoping aluminum handles to extend the tool's reach.


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Have Land, Seeking Gardening Partners

Hello all!
I own and live on a small farm in Kokomo. I have about an acre available for garden and access to about 23 more acres.
I have recently upgraded my diet to include a large amount of "in season" fruits and vegetables. I keep thinking it is silly for me to be paying good money for vegetables of unknown origin when I have access to a perfectly good garden plot and enough area to erect a greenhouse if necessary. Problem is, it is just me here, and gardening is not my forte' - (a better carpenter than farmer).
So if you are green thumb without a piece of dirt to plant it, let me know

The little plants on the porch or in our window

Are pretty much kept up by dh. I don't much have a green thumb, although I try.
Dh did have a wonderful garden, but to be honest, it got to be to much for him (although he would never admit it.) I think that was his compromise...buying planters and growing plants from his rocker on the porch. It works great...I bring him the planter, I bring him a bag of dirt and his fertilizers, his tools...and he is as happy as can be.

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Green Thumb Festival in St. Petersburg, …
Green Thumb Festival in St. Petersburg, …
Organize Your Garden Tools with …
Organize Your Garden Tools with …
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  • Avatar Lukas Bryson Does anyone know the best gardening tools to buy?
    Jul 06, 2010 by Lukas Bryson | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Trying to start a halfway decent garden, so is there a particular type of gardening glove that's better than any-old glove? What about a root-puller-upper for weeding? I guess I just don't know what a professional gardener would use as their "hammer and nails" if that makes any sense. Any green-thumbs out there care to share?

    • I keep 1400 sq.ft. of perennial and rose garden, and my top 10 items are these:

      1. My gardening gloves which have breathable tops, are just short of being tight, waterproof rubber on the underside of the f …or large fall cleanup of dead material, and for moving large amounts of peat moss from my garage to my cut-back tender Hybrid Tea roses which I must cover over the winter or they will die (that's western Canada for you).