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“Great way to store garden tools

“garden tools side of house, under deck”

“essential tools in a small space close to where you'd use them”

“tool shed built on the back”

“Small organizational spot for garden tools”

“Built in for tools. Nice and clean”

“in the tool shed organizing, cleaning and prepping tools for the next growing season. Simple soap and water will take care of cleaning most tools, while pots and clippers should be cleaned with a mild solution of bleach water to prevent plant disease.”

“Get your tools ready. Good steel wool removes”

“rust from tools stored over the winter. To prevent rust on smaller tools in the future, insert them into a container of dry sand so air can't get to the metal.


Wrapables Wrapables Indoor Gardening Tool Set
Lawn & Patio (Wrapables)
  • Perfect for tending to small gardens and indoor plants
  • Includes a pruner, snips, rake, trowel, shovel and glass spray bottle
  • Canvas tote has a reinforced bottom and it has brass grommets, elastic tool bands and an eight-pocket capacity

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Utility bikes? *nudge nudge limbwalker*

I'm going to be cobbling together a utility bike or two for use on the farm- they'll probably be cheap mountain bikes, possibly with trailers, and they've got to be able to carry a variety of long and short gardening tools, and possibly buckets of dirt/compost/veggies etc.
If anyone has pictures of relevant homemade bikes, I'd like to see them.

I had the greatest day!

First i walked for beast cancer with my 2 aunts and my cousin. went home napped because i was wipped from walking the total of 3 miles, including the 1 mile for the race. then around 3:30 went to my parents house gave my mom her gift which she loved(the gardening tools, sun hat...) my dd went to church with my father which gave me time to spend with my mom and chat about a murad of things(including her up and coming knee replacment surgery).
when dd got home i took some beautiful pictures of her, then she sang for me. i had heard her sing before but not like this i was in tears from the beauty and strength of her voice

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Preparing Garden Tools for Spring
Preparing Garden Tools for Spring
How to Recognize Gardening Tools …
How to Recognize Gardening Tools …
Fiskars Fiskars 9920 Garden Multi-Snip with Sheath
Lawn & Patio (Fiskars)
  • Four tools in one pruning multi-purpose snip, fine-edged knife, serrated knife, wire-cutting notch
  • Sharp, precision ground 2-3/8-Inch blades
  • Fully hardened stainless steel blades hold sharp edges longer and resist rust
  • Fiber comp construction reinforced fiberglass composite material provides strength and durability
  • Sheath keeps tool on belt and knife blade covered
Cala Industries The Original Pink Box PB2BELT Tool Belt, Pink
Home Improvement (Cala Industries)
  • Pink color is fun and eye-catching. Keep your tools accessible without sacrificing style
  • Two large pouches with 24 storage pockets and hammer loop
  • Perfect for tools, gardening supplies, hair or nail supplies, make-up, or arts and crafts
  • Matches other The Original Pink Box tools, bags, and tool boxes for a complete tool and storage system
  • Don t be fooled by the cool color of this tool belt -it s built to last and comes with a limited lifetime warranty

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  • Avatar Lukas Bryson Does anyone know the best gardening tools to buy?
    Jul 06, 2010 by Lukas Bryson | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Trying to start a halfway decent garden, so is there a particular type of gardening glove that's better than any-old glove? What about a root-puller-upper for weeding? I guess I just don't know what a professional gardener would use as their "hammer and nails" if that makes any sense. Any green-thumbs out there care to share?

    • I keep 1400 sq.ft. of perennial and rose garden, and my top 10 items are these:

      1. My gardening gloves which have breathable tops, are just short of being tight, waterproof rubber on the underside of the f …or large fall cleanup of dead material, and for moving large amounts of peat moss from my garage to my cut-back tender Hybrid Tea roses which I must cover over the winter or they will die (that's western Canada for you).