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Flymo Garden vac

We needed to extend our arbor higher to get a farm tractor ROPS bar under it. The original seven foot high posts were too short. This 4x4 white PVC extension kit worked fine after we cut off the holeWe needed to extend our arbor higher to get a farm tractor ROPS bar under it. The original seven foot high posts were too short. This 4x4 white PVC extension kit worked fine after we cut off the hole sections intended for in ground use. Be advised that there are a million shades of white, since our original arbor posts were not from New England Arbors (mgf), the white was a few shades off but not a major issue."


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Online Garden Journal/Blog

Hello all,
I am considering building an online gardening journal that you could also expose as a webpage kind of like a blog. You could post garden images and create an entire website with other online editable web pages.
I have outlined a complete website building tool with many online tools specifically for gardeners and nurseries. I am now trying to get feedback from gardeners that are online for a level of interest.
Please reply ONLY if this is something you would be interested in.
Thanks in advance.

What gardening tools for a beginner with a very

It's a condo, but the yard gets plenty of sun. I wanna grow some flowers, veggies, roses, maybe even a tree or two. Mostly in the ground, but maybe a few containers.
I have a shovel (the pointy kind that has a short handle), one of those rakes with the flimsy teeth, and a cheap hand shovel. What do I need to make things easier? I've looked online but they all seem to say I need a hundred different tools, but my yard is so small I don't think I need a hoe or a bunch of different shovels.

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The business failed before the war ended, however, and the Kobayashis moved to Kamloops, B.C., where Bill worked at various menial jobs, including in a hops garden, in a lumber camp and on his father's leased 10-acre produce farm.

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For those who have unlimited budgets and are planning to give their gardener an expensive gift, garden equipment such as both heavy and light weight tillers (the latter for the frail ladies and the elderly), power mowers, chippers to prepare garden ..

Apollo Apollo Precision Tools DT3790P 7-Piece Garden Kit, Pink
Lawn & Patio (Apollo)
  • Dollar 1.00 from this purchase is being donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Features the most commonly used gardening tools, including narrow trowel, trowel, and rake
  • Also contains knee pad protects your knees
  • Includes gloves and shears
  • Enclosed apron protects your clothing

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Bosch Garden Tools Rotak 32 Electric …
Get your garden tools ready
Get your garden tools ready
Garden Tools - Inspirational Videos
Garden Tools - Inspirational Videos

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  • Avatar Lukas Bryson Does anyone know the best gardening tools to buy?
    Jul 06, 2010 by Lukas Bryson | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Trying to start a halfway decent garden, so is there a particular type of gardening glove that's better than any-old glove? What about a root-puller-upper for weeding? I guess I just don't know what a professional gardener would use as their "hammer and nails" if that makes any sense. Any green-thumbs out there care to share?

    • I keep 1400 sq.ft. of perennial and rose garden, and my top 10 items are these:

      1. My gardening gloves which have breathable tops, are just short of being tight, waterproof rubber on the underside of the f …or large fall cleanup of dead material, and for moving large amounts of peat moss from my garage to my cut-back tender Hybrid Tea roses which I must cover over the winter or they will die (that's western Canada for you).