8 good ideas to organize your gardening tools and supplies

If you’re an inveterate gardener, but lack talent for organizing your materials, you came to the right place. Follow the next quick and cheap tips and change the way you practice your favorite hobby.

Tip 1

Do you have a lot of tools and supplies and no space? Then, hang them up against the wall. There are several ways to do it! The easier one is to hang them on peg rails or a trellis, but you can also build or buy a wall organizer or a pegboard.

Tip 2

Is there an old cart lost in your garage that you don’t use anymore? Use it to keep your materials and change its spot according to your needs.

Tip 3

A lot of people change their mailbox and throw the old one in the garbage. That’s because they aren’t gardeners. Use your old mailbox and store your tools inside. You can later stake it in the ground, next to your garden or attach it to your organizing area.

Tip 4

You can also use old wood scraps and spigots to build a rustic tool rack.

Tip 5

Organize the tools you need to take with you in an old milk bottle carrier or combine a bucket with a carpenter’s nail belt or a ragged pair of jeans and make your own portable tool caddy.

Tip 6

You can also use an old shelf or dresser and store the tools and supplies in there.

Source: apartmentgeeks.net

Toy Smith Toysmith Kid's Big Tool Set
Toy (Toy Smith)
  • Set includes: garden rake, spade, how and leaf rake
  • Real metal tools for little hand
  • 27.5-Inch solid wood handles
  • Leather strap for hanging
  • A great way for young gardeners to help in the yard

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Big Lots & K-Mart & OSH

During spring, Big Lots carries a massive selection of pots and other gardening tools and supplies, very cheap.
K-Mart still has a large gardening department,if you can find a local K-Mart. They have very reasonably priced pots, soil, and outdoor items. Most K-Marts no longer carry many plants, but you can find plenty of other garden items.
For plants and other supplies, Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) is also pretty decent, and an alternative to Lowe's and Home Depot.

Loking for Kids School Garden Supplies

I am collecting items for a school garden to start march 2008.
Any garden supplies (for little people and big)donated will be gratefully accepted.
- gardening tools
- gloves
- gravel
- worm compost
- clean soil
- books
- non-toxic weather proof paint
- long boxes for indoor plants
- small seed/plant starters
- large garden bed
- create-your-own-garden stones
- hose
- hose spray gun
- watering cans
- kneeling pads
- long bamboo or sturdy sticks for plants to grow up
Thank-you for helping our children learn environmental (and healthy eating) awareness!

Man who allegedly drove up the Utah Capitol steps faces drug charges  — Deseret News
Officers located 18 marijuana plants, a network of pipes, gardening tools and supplies, heat lamps, heat reflectors, filters, pumps, a vacuum sealer, and other paraphernalia.

Melissa Rooney: Goodbye Amazon, hello Ninth Street  — Durham News
For Garden's Sake (on 751, just beyond the Fayetteville Road intersection) has plants, gardening tools and supplies, and a marvelous gift shop with many locally manufactured items, not to mention live (and happy) ducks, goats, chickens, and a beautiful ..

Helping Hands  — Springfield News-Leader
To buy a new prefabricated storage shed at the Midtown School Garden to store gardening tools and supplies utilized by Boyd Elementary School. • Arc of the Ozarks: $700.

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