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The phrase “best garden tools” is a bit subjective. If you’re a “gardener” once a year when spring rolls around, then a less expensive tool from one of the big box stores might be “best” enough. On the other hand, if you’re an avid gardener that depends on your tools to work as hard as you, every time you pull them out of the shed, then you’re looking for a tool that is a bit more substantial…a garden tool built by gardeners for gardeners.

While some would tell you that there is some magic list of garden tools that every gardener should have, the simple fact is, gardeners come in all shapes, sizes and needs.

Choosing a garden fork...easy right? I mean, all you have to look for is a garden fork that is well made by a reputable company and you’re done. Well...maybe not. What kind of work are you asking your garden fork to do?

We've come a long way since we were digging with our hands way back when to the gardening spade that we use today. Only the quality of the materials have changed since the Chinese had a bronze spade around 1100 B.C. that closely resembled today's spade.

Gardening spades are workaholics and because of the nature of the work they do, it's counterproductive to not buy the best one you can afford. Buying look alike garden tools will just frustrate you and adds to our landfills.

No more important thing you can do to help you garden tools last is also the simplest...oil your garden tools. With this simple step, you can prevent rust on the metal portion of the tool and when applied to any wood element, you’ll prevent drying and cracking.

It wasn’t too long ago that if you went looking for a garden trowel, you could go to 10 different places and buy a trowel at each place and you’d end up 10 almost identical looking trowels...not any more.


Toy Smith Toysmith Kid's Big Tool Set
Toy (Toy Smith)
  • Set includes: garden rake, spade, how and leaf rake
  • Real metal tools for little hand
  • 27.5-Inch solid wood handles
  • Leather strap for hanging
  • A great way for young gardeners to help in the yard

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I pay 60 a month for 2 times

Two burly guys come twice a month and mow, trim, de-weed, fertilize, check sprinkler system, bring occasional new plants. Of course this is in San Diego, a stone throw from Tijuana. They come with pickup loaded with gardening tools and equipment. Clean up after them. Do a neat job. Takes about forty minutes average. So that's less than three man/hours per month for sixty bucks. The lawn/garden surrounds an older style four bedroom home.

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Pocket Gear provides an organizer for hand-held tools and accessories, plus your cell phone with protective cover, $22.99. Norfolk Botanical Garden, Azalea Garden Road, Norfolk. or 441-5830. GARDEN KEEPSAKE.

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