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Designer MacGyver: 6 DIY Garden Tool Transformations

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The weather may be less than ideal for outdoor gardening in much of the country right now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any fun to be had until spring. If your green thumb is getting itchy, why not channel that energy into some totally cool crafts made with old gardening tools and accessories? Here are some inspired ideas I spotted (with some help from MacGyver veteran, Briana)…

Dented or leaky watering cans can become the perfect vessels for the plants they used to water! Take a look at Nancy Ondra’s other ideas for .

Who knew that upside-down flower pots topped with some wood could double as a chic table? Head to our sister site,, for Sloane Snyder’s other genius ideas for creating upcycled tables, desks and workstations.

Like these tool transformations? Check out some more of our favorites from around the web:
Stunning Shovel Lamp


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