Basic Tools For Any Garden

There many types of gardening tools out there to help make your gardening life easier, but when it comes down to it, you really can't garden without the basics. Here are the top 10 gardening tools that should be in any gardener's shed.

When taking stock of your garden tool requirements, don't forget about yourself. Gardening can take its toll on you. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, a hat and loose-fitting comfortable clothing. You will also want to consider a sturdy pair of gloves to protect your hands from blisters, thorny plants, chemicals and other discomforts. Finally, consider a kneeling pad to protect your knees as you are working in and around your plants.

Shovel - A spade-shaped shovel comes in handy for planting or transplanting trees and shrubs, edging your garden, or mixing dirt, compost and other similar materials. It tops our list as the most essential tool for the garden. Rakes - A garden rake has short, rigid metal tines that is great for breaking up soil or smoothing it out. athering twigs, clippings and other items from areas where you do not want create a significant disturbance. Hoe - Hoes help dig up or mix soil and aid in weeding by breaking up the root structure. Hose with Sprayer and/or Watering Can - No matter your climate, it is likely that you will spend some of your time watering your garden. If you have a few plants, a watering can may be appropriate. But for larger gardens, a hose with a spray nozzle will make your watering chores easier. Bucket and/or Wheel Barrow - When gardening, you will want something to help you carry and move things around. Whether it is your tools, plants, mulch, compost, or debris, a bucket or wheel barrow will make your job easier. Hand Trowel - A hand trowel is a useful tool for digging holes to plant or transplant smaller plants. Soil Knife - A soil knife is a cross between a hand trowel and a serrated knife. When a hand trowel is not enough, the soil knife should get the job done. It can cut through stubborn roots, help separate plants for transplanting and take on some of the more stubborn weeds in your garden. Scissors - Scissors (or shears) are probably one of the most versatile garden tools. They can be used to trim back or deadhead plants, trim herbs, cut flowers and a host of other tasks. You don't need anything fancy, just your typical heavy duty household scissors will do. Just make sure to sterilize your garden shears with a dilute bleach solution if you're trimming infected plants. Hand Pruner - When the job is too tough for scissors, hand pruners take over. Hand pruners are used to trim or cut back more woody plants. Pruning Saw - If your hand pruner isn't cutting it, you will want use a saw. Saws are helpful for trimming tree branches or cutting down small saplings.


Yard Butler WST-1 Tree Watering Tool
Lawn & Patio (Yard Butler)
  • Delivers water directly to the root zone of trees and shrubs
  • Saves water by eliminating wasteful runoff or evaporation
  • Encourages deep root growth
  • Easily attaches to a water-soluble hose end sprayer for use as a root feeder
  • Lifetime warranty

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Essential Tools for the Small Garden

1) red-handle (fiberglas) garden rake - the short tooth kind - ask at Lowe's
2) conveyance - something to haul stuff - double front wheelbarrow or small cart. Single wheel - the traditional kind - are difficult to handle for a beginner but in educated hands are very useful. Buy used - new is pricy.
3) Garden Trowel and a Claw for digging weeds and planting, and a hoe - useful for any dirt-mixing or moving. Buy new on sale or yard sale. Sturdy is good. Made in USA is better.
4) watering can - 2 1/2 gallon is most usual to find. And get a bag of Ferti-Loam for a starter fertilizer to mix in with the planting soil

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TOYSMITH 5-Piece Small Garden Tools Set
  • Perfectly proportioned for children
  • Made for real work
  • Hardwood handles and enameled metal implements
  • 3 hand tools, a watering can, and kid-size cotton-knit work gloves

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New Resources Group Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Sensor Meter, soil water monitor, plant care, garden,lawn
Single Detail Page Misc (New Resources Group)
  • Adequate moisture levels are important in the formation of good compost
  • Easy to Read Levels - Needle - Meter
  • NO Batteries Needed!
  • Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Color Coded Reading
  • Test Plant moisture levels
Claber Claber 8053 Oasis 4-Programs/20 Plants Garden Automatic Drip Watering System
Lawn & Patio (Claber)
  • Timer has 4 program settings: 10, 20, 30 and 40 days to water up to 20 plants
  • Opens twice daily to deliver 4-ounce, 2-ounce, 1.5-ounce or 1-ounce of water per dripper
  • Includes: a 6.6 gallon polypropylene reservoir, 33-feet of PVC hose, 20 drippers and 20 spikes
  • Operates on a gravity feed; one 9V alkaline battery required (not included)
  • 2-year warranty
Melissa & Doug Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch TM Blossom Bright Watering Can
Toy (Melissa & Doug)
  • Charming Sunny Patch Characters will encourage children to cultivate the joy of gardening
  • Encourage kids and families to explore their world together
  • Bring a spirit of playfulness to everyday activities
  • Water your garden in style
  • Exceptional quality and value

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