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Built In Garden Trellis on Raised BedsA garden trellis can be anything from an old stepladder to a Craftsman-style masterpiece. Whether you're looking for a bean trellis, a cucumber trellis, or any other vegetable trellis ideas, here are photos to spark your imagination. Send me your own trellis photos, and I will post them here on your very own page. At the bottom of the photos there is a place to submit your own ideas. Thanks for being part of the community!

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Garden Trellis: Winter Squash on Chainlink Fence Bean trellis of wood stakes and wire mesh Beans growing up a spiral cage Wood lattice bean trellis with scarlet runner beans


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Short answer is "panels"

Flat elements that divide spaces (and aren't fixed walls) are panels whether they are door panels or fence panels or drop ceiling panels...and when something is essentially flat and is pierced with intricate decorative designs, the technique and look is called "fretwork"- hard to tell if those things are wrought iron or forged or what, but someone familiar with architectural terms will understand what a fretwork look means, even if the panels in that pic are not technically fretwork.
They look as if they could have been side panels to a screen enclosure that had the swinging gates removed, or are just there to suggest that look

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How to build a garden trellis …
How to build a garden trellis …
Garden Trellis
Garden Trellis
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