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Noel Valdes - Developer of the CobraHead Weeder and CultivatorCobraHead LLC was formed to develop and market the CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator. The CobraHead® is a multi-purpose hand tool for use in gardening, horticulture, and agriculture that is superior to all similar tools. We believe the CobraHead® will become a standard design in the garden and agricultural industry.

The CobraHead Team

Noel Valdes is a long-time hobby gardener who is convinced the world would be a much better place if everyone gardened. He grows lots of food in open raised beds. Noel could be called "Mr. CobraHead", and he has been. He developed the idea for the CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator while working with an old, five-tined garden cultivator hand tool.Judy Valdes Head in 2002, the business has evolved into a family enterprise, with Judy, Geoff, and Anneliese all participating. That makes dad very happy. He can be emailed at Noel@Cobrahead.com

Geoffrey Valdes is our Marketing Manager. He gets the most face time with the garden industry for CobraHead as both a sales representative and as our main trade show coordinator.Geoff Valdes n and University of Texas at Austin with a Joint Masters Degree in Latin American Studies and Community and Regional Planning. Geoff has years of hands on experience in low technology gardening and agriculture and has worked both in the US and Mexico on organic growing projects involving indigenous groups. Geoff resides in Austin, Texas. Geoff is available at Geoff@Cobrahead.com

Anneliese Valdes

Anneliese Valdes is the youngest member of the CobraHead team. Like the rest of the family, she has many duties including chief packer and shipping clerk, customer service specialist, garden show sales rep, blog maven, novice gardener, and hat knitter. Anneliese is a 2002 graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a degree in communication arts. In 2006, she moved back to Cambridge, Wisconsin after three years in Austin, Texas. Email her at Anneliese@Cobrahead.com

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Fiskars Fiskars 7060 Softouch Weeder
Lawn & Patio (Fiskars)
  • One piece, high strength cast aluminum alloy
  • Softouch cushioned grip
  • Will not rust, bend or break
  • Forked tip and design curvature allow exposure to weeds in deep soil
  • Lifetime warranty

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PS. Hope all the regulars in here are well as I don't visit as often anymore. Where is Churchgardenlady?

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