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Fertilizer Spreader

Tools for Digging and Planting in Your Garden

Round Point Shovel
Round point shovels are by far the most versatile and widely used shovels. They are used to dig, scoop, , cut through roots or shovel dirt from one point to another.
Garden Spades have the same general design as a round pointed shovel, but are 10-20% smaller and lighter in weight for use in less demanding tasks or for less muscular persons.
Irrigation shovels are same basic design, but have a straighter shank for digging planting holes or ditches where a vertical side is desired.
D-handle shovels are shorter and designed for close up work and quick jobs. They are useful for moving piles of soil, sand or gravel, or for loading the wheelbarrow. Round head shovels, square head shovels, and scoops and spading forks are available with D-handles. Square Point Shovel
The nose of the square point shovel is flat, even edged, and as the name says, square. Square point shovels are used leveling areas for patios and walkways, or for squaring off the sides and bottoms of ditches. They are also used as a scoop for gravel, soil, or snow and cleaning up the remnants of a pile. Transplanting Spade
Transplanting spades have a long narrow head which makes them ideal for digging and moving perennials and shrubs with minimal disturbance to surrounding plants. They are excellent for digging narrow piping ditches. Scoop Shovel
Scoop shovels are designed to be used to move light and loose materials such as sawdust or dried manure. Because of the volume which most scoops will hold, they should not be used for heavy wet materials. Barn Fork
Barn forks...


Snow Joe LLC Sun Joe SJHH1901 Hori-Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool with Carbon Steel Blade and Sheath
Lawn & Patio (Snow Joe LLC)
  • Carbon steel blade is concave for effective scooping
  • Used by master gardeners
  • Complete with a protective sheath
  • -Inch ruler for depth gauge
  • Normal wear on blade is expected

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Garden Tool Coatings

I see a lot of garden tools with a black coating on the metal part on sale, like trowels and spades. The trowels are "Made in China." Is that black colored coating toxic? It eventually wears down when you use the trowel or spade and would end up in the soil exposing the metal. Even if the trowels were made in the US, is it a concern? Thanks.
PS. Hope all the regulars in here are well as I don't visit as often anymore. Where is Churchgardenlady?

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How to Sharpen Garden Tools : …
How to Sharpen Garden Tools : …
Digging Fork (157408)‪
Digging Fork (157408)‪
Fiskars Fiskars 7079 Big Grip Garden Knife
Lawn & Patio (Fiskars)
  • An ideal tool for digging, planting, weeding, and transplanting
  • Large, soft molded grips provide added comfort and control
  • Serrated knife edge to cut through roots and other tough material
  • Coated metal head resists rust
  • Lifetime warranty
Tomita from MT BAKER MERCANTILE Tomita Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool With 7-inch Stainless Steel Blade & Sheath, Natural Wood Handle
Home Improvement (Tomita from MT BAKER MERCANTILE)
  • High-quality 7-inch Japanese steel blade for durability
  • Long-lasting hardwood handle
  • Great digging tool and has serrated edge to cut roots
  • Can be used for any digging projectgardening, hunting, and fishing
  • Comes with a leather-like sheath that attaches to your belt

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