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Garden ToolsHang a solar latern, we'll plant a tree...together we can help reforest America!

Over the last four years, with your help, Plow & Hearth has planted more than 3 million trees nationwide through our Campaign to Reforest America®. And we will continue to work toward 1 million more.

This year, each time a customer buts one of our exclusive Solar Star Laterns or Pewter Ornaments, Plow & Hearth will donate a tree to the National Forest Foundation to support reforestion efforts in America's National Forests. To learn more,

Get more out of gardening with quality garden tools and garden supplies that do the job better and faster. Our collection of gardening supplies has everything you need to garden with ease. Equip yourself with a gardener's supply of tools that would be hard to find in any normal garden store, from apparel to composting tools.


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Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley

Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley - one day class around $250, kit included.
Beadissimo in San Francisco - 1 day class, less expensive
I want to do one of them, just wish you didn't have to pay around $150 for supplies you take home (Stained Glass Garden)-- would rather pay a fee to use their tools, and then buy my own if I decide I like it.
I took a stained glass @ Stained glass garden, and all the sales people & the teacher did an EXTREME hard sell on the kit. I opted not to buy it, wasn't sure if I would continue.
The instructor offered "I will buy it from you at a deep discount if you decide not to continue". How helpful!

Maybe Paxton Gate?

Might not be what you're looking for, but it's a very cool store on Valencia between 19th and 17th somewhere. They have a lot of stylish gardening tools and strange natural oddities -- beetles, taxidermy, and so forth. There's an Ace Hardware on Mission St. down near 30th that I believe has a garden store, if you're just looking for standard supplies.

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Gardening Tools & Accessories : Using …
Gardening Tools & Accessories : Using …

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  • Avatar Lydia S What are some designs for an on ground tree house?
    Mar 15, 2010 by Lydia S | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want to make an on ground tree house so I can put all my gardening tools in. It needs to be at least 6 feet high. The problem is, I don't know any designs for it. Any ideas? It has to be wide enough and big enough so I can fit in it and put ALL my stuff in it.

    • A big room with a slant roof would be a great idea as it will give you the 6 feet height that you want int your tree house, make it a big room and divide it with arches or divisions so that it will offer you sections to … tidy instead of people falling on them, storage cabinets are a necessity for your tree house to make it a safe and happy place

      see for more ideas on a tree house and how to come up with a great tree house