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“What is the siding made of on the storage shed?”

“Great way to store garden tools!”

“Great idea for tool storage at the”

“I like this idea for gardening tools.”

“garden tools side of house, under deck”

“Ease of getting the garden tools”

“Small organizational spot for garden tools”

“in the tool shed organizing, cleaning and prepping tools for the next growing season. Simple soap and water will take care of cleaning most tools, while pots and clippers should be cleaned with a mild solution of bleach water to prevent plant disease.”

“Get your tools ready. Good steel wool removes”

“rust from tools stored over the winter. To prevent rust on smaller tools in the future, insert them into a container of dry sand so air can't get to the metal.


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Sharp knife

I have kitchen knives and garden tools. I do love Knife Sharpest on Burnet, buy they're out of my way, and I'm too busy even for normal errands these days. In NYC, there was a mobile guy who ran a monthly route through the neighborhoods, parking in the middle of each block - like the ice cream man!
Now there's a niche to be filled here in Austin: a knife-sharpening restaurant tour.

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Sterilite Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Utility Cabinet with Putty Handles, Platinum
Home (Sterilite)
  • Large capacity cabinet with 4 shelves; great for utility room, garage or hobby room
  • Rugged shelves can be adjusted to multiple heights; each can hold up to 40 pounds
  • Doors open easily, close securely and accommodate a standard-sized padlock
  • Made of durable plastic with putty color
  • Measures 25-5/8 by 18-7/8 by 69-3/8 inches (LxWxH); easy assembly--no tools required

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  • Avatar Lydia S What are some designs for an on ground tree house?
    Mar 15, 2010 by Lydia S | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want to make an on ground tree house so I can put all my gardening tools in. It needs to be at least 6 feet high. The problem is, I don't know any designs for it. Any ideas? It has to be wide enough and big enough so I can fit in it and put ALL my stuff in it.

    • A big room with a slant roof would be a great idea as it will give you the 6 feet height that you want int your tree house, make it a big room and divide it with arches or divisions so that it will offer you sections to … tidy instead of people falling on them, storage cabinets are a necessity for your tree house to make it a safe and happy place

      see for more ideas on a tree house and how to come up with a great tree house