Garage Hooks & Storage Racks

Wall rack starter kit with three baskets

WAS £35.80

NOW £25.00
Sports Ball Storage Stand

Great for garages, sheds or sports halls, our new ball storage stand comes direct from Japan and will store up to 4 footballs, rugby balls, basketballs etc.

Wooden Tool Hanger Sturdy solid hardwood tool rack that'll last a lifetime.

Store your rakes, spades and forks with room below to hook on your dibber and other hand tools.

Boot Tray & Scraper

football basketball medicine ball storage standRobust plastic tray to store two pairs of muddy shoes or boots with a built-in scrubbing brush and tool to help extract your foot from your boots at the end of a long walk...Clever huh!

Locking Garage Hook

Keep your ladders and garden tools secure with our heavy duty lockable storage hook for your garage or shed.

Gardeners Coat Hook Rustic metal coat hook in the shape of either a garden spade or fork.

A great idea for the boot room or back of the shed door.

Large Spring Grip

Ideal for storing a torch!

Galvanised spring-loaded clip. Great idea to store and keep a torch close to hand and easy to find.tool rack tool hanger able>

3 Pack Wall Dock Mounting Bracket

Last Few!

American ingenuity at it's best! The Wall Dock Mounting Bracket allows the convenience of being able to change your storage locations according to the season, or your activities.

WAS £7.00

NOW £5.00
KwikTwist - 2 Pack A clever alternative to rope or bungee.

welly storage tray and scraperSimply wrap the KwikTwist around any object, twist three times and your ladders, bike, garden tools, etc. are held securely in place. Holds up to 45kg!

Shelf & Hanger Hook Heavy duty 'two in one' hook.

Hang your workbench, golf bag etc etc. from the bottom and screw a shelf to the top for additional garage storage.

Flip-Up Lockable Hook

Adjustable hook with integrated reinforced cable to lock your bike, power tools etc. up for safe keeping.

Cable Winder Pack of two cable winders to help organise and store your flex, string, fairly lights, tinsel, washing line, plant ties etc. etc.

Avoid frustration and unnecessary tangles!

Ladder Storage Hook storage hook for strimmers and leaf blowers etc. gardeners coat hook broom mop and torch storage clip


Gorgeous Garage LLC Monkey Bars Yard Rack in Gray
Home (Gorgeous Garage LLC)
  • Rack will securely store 12 yard tools
  • Very strong, very light and versatile
  • Rack does not limit on size of yard tools
  • Can hang wheel barrow, shovels, rakes, weed eaters, leaf blowers and hedge clippers
  • Made from powder coated industrial steel

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TradeStone Software , delivering Merchandise Lifecycle Management (MLM) solutions that unify the design, sourcing, ordering and delivery of retail goods, announced that Urban Outfitters has gone live with TradeStone's PLM solution. ..

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Panacea Panacea 15251 Canvas Log Tote, Black
Lawn & Patio (Panacea)
  • Canvas log tote
  • This sturdy carrier features a strong canvas body, with reinforced fabric handles
  • The black canvas and cream colored trim add a classic look to the piece, and it can be folded for easy storage when not in use
  • Available in black color
  • Measures 27-inch width by 12-inch height by 12-inch depth
Crawford-Lehigh Crawford-Lehigh 36360-6 Ultra Hold 36-by-5-Inch Eight-Hook Tool Rack
Home Improvement (Crawford-Lehigh)
  • Holds brooms, shovels, mops, umbrellas, vacuum hoses, skis, baseballs bats, toys, tools, etc.
  • Hold up to 10 lbs on each grip clamp.
  • Works on Gravity - the heavier the object, the stronger the grip.
  • Non-Slip vinyl covered prongs with not lose tension.
  • Grip Clamps slide to desired position to accommodate different shaped objects.

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