10 Cool Gardening Tools for Garden Lovers

10 Cool Gardening Tools for Garden LoversIt is spring and it is gardening time. If you enjoy spending time outside in the garden you’ll enjoy it even more with the tools featured in this post. 5 of below items are some concepts/prototypes and 5 of them are real ones you can buy. Take a look at these and let us your favorites. If it is not on the market yet, let’s vote for it and hope the designer can hear it and make it true.

1. THE RIPE RADISH [source]

Had enough of planting fake crops in Farmville, but not quite ready to go totally Martha Stewart in your garden? Designer “Sexin” has created “THE RIPE RADISH” for you. This solar lawn lamp serves many a purpose. First, it’s a solar powered lawn lamp that is white during the day as it collects solar power-ups, then at night it glows red to light your way, cute! Second, it’s a house for your soon to be born radish buddies, still cute! And lastly, it’s a neat way to play the new Super 3D Mario Garden!

10 Cool Gardening Tools for Garden Lovers2. Odyssey Muck-Vac [amazon]

Odyssey Muck-Vac Cleaning System removes sludge, dirt, scum, fish waste and other debris from ponds and fountains. This easy to use vacuum contains no moving parts so it does not cause ponds to get stirred up and cloudy. It comes complete with a muck-vac power head, vac head with brush, telescoping poles and vacuum hose. Just hook up to the garden hose and turn on the water. Requires a minimum 50 PSI water pressure to work properly.

The U-CAN, inspired by the elephant’s super-functional trunk, features an extended tactile spout and built-in wheels on either side of its reservoir that make it easy to pull from gardening area to gardening area. Usable by adults, children and seniors alike, this functional design is particularly useful to users with limited mobility or strength by preventing injuries and exhaustion

4. EasyBloom 1000 Plant Sensor [amazon]

10 Cool Gardening Tools for Garden LoversAccess the EasyBloom database of 5, 000+ plants (U.S. only)
Find plants to thrive in every area of your home and garden, based on algorithms developed by leading plant horticulturalists and botanists
Diagnose ailing plants and bring them back to health
Keep inventory of your own plants for one-click plant care
End the discouraging cycle of trial-and-error planting. Saves you money and time!

5. RoundUp – Hose Wheel by Matthew Swinton [source]

The Hose Wheel solves problems of storage, maintenance and use that occur with common garden hose reel storage products. This all-in-one unit allows the user to unroll and rewind the garden hose without having to pull or touch the hose. The unit travels to point of use, thus avoiding kinks, tangles and dirty hands. The short hose feature allows the user to reach the distance of a seventy-five foot garden hose while only having to deal with six. Though the concept shows a shorter length of hose being used, longer lengths could be used to suit the needs and wants of the user.

10 Cool Gardening Tools for Garden Lovers 10 Cool Gardening Tools for Garden Lovers 10 Cool Gardening Tools for Garden Lovers 10 Cool Gardening Tools for Garden Lovers

Source: www.designswan.com

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Building + Maintaining gardens :different skill

Some companies that build gardens also have a division who maintains gardens .
But when you think about it, even though you may consider it all under the same umbrella as " landscaping ", the skill levels are very different between the these two different jobs.
To build a garden one has to have skills in masonry, construction technology , carpentry, irrigation, soil prep and planting ..... to name but a few.
To maintain a garden one has to have skills in ornamental horticulture, pest and plant disease management, pruning, small engine/ tool repair,.

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  • Avatar cheshiremum How much do garden designers charge?
    May 22, 2008 by cheshiremum | Posted in Garden & Landscape

    We live on a modern housing estate - normal sized garden. Any idea how much a garden designer/landscaper usually charges for re-planning garden? Thanks.

    • Depends on what you want. If you want a large firm to handle the design and landscaping, or an "handyman". Depends on whether you want just a design and you do the landscaping or if you want them to do the hard …. That way you could save money by designing it yourself and then just getting someone to do the physical work for you. You could even try the BBC website which as a flash software downloadable package for garden design.